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ExYUsingles - Istorijat muzike ex YU
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"All Is War (The Benefits Of G-Had)"
Nation Records, 2006

"All Is war (The Benefits Of G-Had)"
Nation Records, 2006

Za nekoliko dana svjetlo dana ugledace jedan od najocekivanijih albuma ove godine, grupe Fun’Da’Mental - "All Is War". Kao sto je to bilo i ocekivano, FDM se vracaju na scenu da po ko zna koji put pokazu kako se iznose politicki stavovi, kako se glasno govori kroz muziku. Veoma posebnu paznju skrece numera "Srebrenica Massacre", koja se tice nas. Uostalom, vise detalja mozete vidjeti iz donjeg teksta, u kojem svaku pjesmu, Aki Nawaz, lider grupe, komentira na svoj nacin.

Prije ovoga cu iskorisiti priliku da posljednji put odam pocast velikm BH umjetniku, producentu, kompozitoru, prijatelju:


1970 - 2006
Nadam se da si napokon pronasao svoj mir!



The only way to progress is to reject all the conditions of ignorance. When a system built on racism dictates the agenda and you accept the parameters, then you give it credibility. The institutes will always make you compromise your thoughts and bring you into line at some stage. We have had enough of this manipulation, we see beyond the mainstream or the leftist sound-bites and redress is the only option. The engagements should be to discuss and rewrite the agenda. We have all witnessed mass injustice in our times, we reject it!


Our former colonial and imperialist masters have won over their own masses continuously and without shame. It does not take long to discover that even at the height of injustice and mass murder great resistance was met from their victims. These people were true martyrs of justice irrespective of religion or cultural backgrounds contrary to popular demonisation it is not just Muslims who fought to achieve the final justice. The tracks factually and historically name a handful of people who against all the odds took the correct steps to seek revenge from those entrenched in their own mindless evil beliefs and actions.


The United States is a country built on theft and mass murder yet it propagates the idea it is a civilized nation. Since 9/11 it has displayed all the evidence necessary to find it guilty of genocide and mass murder. Thus we will see its demise in the future, even if this seems like a dream, eventually its own citizens will turn their backs and beg to be liberated by those which it is currently attempting to destroy... Muslims. Islam will come back to haunt it. No Hollywood movie mogul would dare to imagine such a scenario... but here is the theme to the future. The emancipation of the United States will come from within but with the help of those forces that it attempted to destroy. Even the Statue of Liberty will prostrate to its liberation, until that fictional idea becomes reality lets watch Hollywood continue to push through it's fantasy of a free nation, democratic and just, as its foundation is overflowing with the blood of others.


The common man has continuously shown the system that he too has the capacity to operate on a similar level to the State albeit with lesser consequences. The ingredients for the "common bomb" are no rocket science and do not require wealth. All action should always be against the symbols of the state and in accordance with a “just” cause. There are those that also dissent, who lead seemingly normal lives. They use their knowledge to jump out of the box of life and use that which the system created for its own self purpose and utilise their intellect upon the very same system. The irony of the State is that it works legitimately and unchallenged, supported by the common man, who pays for the most vicious of weapons. All is justified, encouraged and applauded as the bombs become ever more destructive to human life, yet it is these same nations that through sheer military power preach morality and exclusivity to such weapons and are often the first to use them.

Che Bin Pt 2 and Pt1

A discussion on resistance and terrorism, word by word by Che Guevara and Osama Bin Laden. What makes the two men different? What makes one a symbol of resistance and the other a terrorist? What do they have, if anything, in common? One was inspired by the teachings of socialism and one by the teachings of Islam. Did they pervert the message or are they just part and parcel of resistance to the injustice? Think wisely, openly and without fear, it is nothing new in history for empires to be challenged and destroyed. It is Left to your imagination with both speeches for you to absorb and make conclusions.


The common man continues to consent to his own demise by forces that have no interest in his welfare. On our doorsteps we feel their evil; our souls are thrown from one abyss to another as they suffer no consequences or personnel loss. We eat each others bones and expect resolve from the same people that create mischief. They have no colour, religion or ideal yet every one of them is educated in the "art of war" and we continue to support them.


Apartheid was dismantled however the shameless whites still did not bow and kiss the feet of black people as they continue to feel they did "a favour" to the country and the people. They have the audacity to bark like dogs.


The panic has set in, those that benefited from exploitation that brought them progression, are hysterical. We are reminded day to day how much they value us whether it is from the mainstream political arena or the right wing, we are kept on our feet, fearful of our positions, insecure in our futures. We hear, we feel, we see and we know. Irrespective of position we are all at the whim of uncertain change, however we must rise above this, realize that we do have places to go to. Once we achieve this state of mind, migration back should never be seen as a weakness but strength and a necessity for the advancement of people and lands that need us. We do not accept the fantasy that for as long as we are here we should be grateful and subservient to the West, we are continually told how the role of immigrants is to clean the streets and wash your ignorance until it shines, any other role causes fear and bigotry starts to show its true intent. Once we confront head on... we achieve that which is rightfully ours and until then we must re-engage with our homelands for peace of mind.


Harold Pinter, Michael Moore, George Galloway, John Pilger, Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, Hamza Yusuf, George Clooney and Sean Penn- all relevant people in the dissenting circle but why is that we can not say what we want, yet they can? Why are we so underrepresented in the dissenting zone, which seems exclusive to those with white skins? They become the heroes, the voices of reason, the ones that receive prizes for outspoken views, the media rushes to them to give answers for us but what do they really sacrifice other than to gain and become commodities of an approved and acceptable opinion? It is nothing but an absolute display of racist attitudes towards people, essentially Muslims for the moment, to have white people defend us with their words yet when we speak we are perceived to be bias and problematic. We are fully aware as you expose yourselves continuously and without shame and we will continue to remind you of your paper thin qualities.


In a valley where technology never arrived and neither did it have any need, a valley which harmed no-one saw the great Satan and his allies, with its military might savagely destroy innocence which had no value in their eyes. The intentionally avoided issue of massacre in Afghanistan. Those without an ounce of guilt were destroyed by those civilized nations. The absurd acceptance of such deaths have once again exposed your repulsive ideology.9/11 committed by 19 people on less than 4000 people justified the wholesale massacre of 100s of thousands of Afghan and Iraqi people. With the vicious instruments of death and the great posturing and muscle flexing, The West took great pride to say we have the right to kill tenfold or hundred fold more. It stood with great arrogance as it launched everything it had in military terms on a people that had nothing, it even asked its populations to watch as they bared their repulsive teeth. Its great technology could not even apprehend those that it claimed to be responsible for the tragic but predictable events of 9/11. Deceit is an art of the West and they play it with great skill. Revenge will inevitably come. The sons and daughters of the perished will not forget as they seek justice and revenge in every way. There is a place not too far away that carries out the same injustice against the Palestinians- it is the Israeli people who are in bondage for their misgivings, the Palestinians are, contrary to belief free of the repulsive nature of the state machinery of terrorism and propaganda.


Africa will see light providing new leaders are born to stand strong and become visionaries for the future, nothing can stop them.


Was it Christianity that strangled the life out of defenseless Muslims or was it nationalism that committed another holocaust? In front of the eyes of their so called defenders they were herded and massacred wholesale, the barracks of the Dutch UN peacekeepers displayed their contempt of the Muslims with graffiti on the walls for all to see. On the doorstep of the Europe it committed yet another crime; foolishly we waited for rescue whilst barbaric genocide took place. We hold our heads in shame and so should the Muslim Governments across the world as they displayed their incompetence and impotence to take the correct steps to stop massacre of Muslims across Yugoslavia. Milosevic died a dog’s death but the wounds of deliberate genocide echo and rebound. Murderers remain at large whilst the West busies itself attempting to remove the last vestiges of Islam from the noble and pious Bosnian people...

Comments: Aki Nawaz, leader of Fun-Da-Mental

Omar Kudovic, Konjic, BiH

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