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  World Of Music

Progressive metal band
Tuzla, BiH

Band was formed in Tuzla (BiH) in summer of 1999 when old line up split up. Remaining members - Mirza (Smajlovic) on guitar and Piper (Eldar Ibrahimovic) on drums asked Dejo (Slavuljica) to join on vocals. This was the fourth line up of Symbolic. Band began with composing and concerts when they were joined by another Mirza (Osmanovic) on bass guitar just few weeks after. Band played a mixture of older classic rock music and a neo-classical progressive music. In just few months time band had five songs and a demo recording. All songs were written by all band members together. Demo was recorded in home studio in Pipers' flat, where most of the rehearsing also took place.

The band was forced to make a break after that demo material as Piper had to go and pursue his studies in the UK. Since then band continued to work on a summer to summer basis when Piper used to come back for summer holidays. In September of 2000 band had its' first live appearance which took place in Palma discotheque. Headlining bend, which is coming also from Tuzla, was Deja-Vu.

Each year band turned up with few new songs and did a gigs. In July of 2001 band was joined by Jelenko (Bosnjakovic) on the bass guitar as Mirza showed more interest for other kinds of music. Soon after, band played on a “Tuzla Wave festival”. The festival lasted for three days and most of the Tuzla music scene showed up. In 2002 band played on a bikers meeting organized by local bikers club Ace of Spades. Band played on the first out of three nights of meeting as a headlining band.

In August of 2002 band began recording in improved home studio and result was a 10 song CD. CD was finished in December of 2002. Mastering was carried out with little help of Jusuf Sehovic, apart from that CD was composed, arranged, recorded designed by Symbolic members on their own. 

In 2003 band line up changed once again. Dejo was unable to continue working with band as he had to pursue his studies in Sarajevo. Quick solution for singer was Zlatko Josic who replaced Dejo. Band was able to do two gigs (Bavaria fest - Underground and Telex 2003) just after couple of week of rehearsing. Soon after for some personal reasons, Jelenko also left the band. This was not an easy replacement since there are not much good bass players in this area who love progressive music. Three months later, (cca. November 2003) band was joined by Ado Osmanovic. It took some time until band got in perfect shape and form to perform live again. It was the February 6th 2004 when band did its' first gig after a while (Club Plus Tuzla). 

mp3 links:

Dont Turn Away 
In Your Emptiness 

New demo material is out and it consists of four songs. Band is also doing some gigs and collecting the money for a proper studio material. The band already did gigs in Domaljevac, Gracanica, Odzak, Osijek (CRO) and Sarajevo. There are few more on the way. There are nine new songs done and some of them are result of new members’ collaboration. Even the band has recently got a new singer Gogo, band will ensure there are no delays in schedules for gigs and recording of material. The plan is to go to Czech Republic around March 2005 and to record those nine songs. Check out internet web site for images and news on the band.

Current line up:

GOGO – Vocals

MIRZA – Guitars

ADO – Bass

PIPER - Drums


Eldar Ibrahimovic, Armije BiH 10/XIII
75000 Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina 

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