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Hot For Teacher (USA - Van Halen Tribute Band)
Spanish Fly (Argentina - Van Halen Tribute Band)
68 - The Jeans Generation (radio show) - 20.09.2005.

Hot For Teacher

Formed in 1999 to showcase Van Halen's "David Lee Roth" era hits, HOT FOR TEACHER has been relentlessly performing throughout Northern California and Nevada generating a following of dedicated fans and has amazed concert goers wherever they perform with their non stop high energy kick ass Rock-n-Roll show!

HOT FOR TEACHER's solid line-up features four of the most talented musicians who are geared-up and ready to "Rock On" with The Mighty Van Halen's greatest jams!

Vocalist Randy Monroe belts out powerful and high-energy vocal rants while supplying audiences with stage antics grooved to the beat of the music. The ripping, screaming virtuoso fretwork of guitarist Terry Lauderdale stirs audiences into the wildest of frenzy and leaves them in jaw dropping awe! Aaron Leigh's thundering Michael Anthony style bass riffs, which blends into the perfect Rock-n-Roll drink!

In 2003, HOT FOR TEACHER was invited to perform for Michael Anthony's bass guitar dedication at San Francisco's Hard Rock Cafe. During that evening The Mighty Van Halen bassist joined the band on stage. The already raucous crowd shifted into overdrive as Michael and the boys ripped through an energized set featuring "Women In Love", "Unchained", "Dance The Night Away", "Panama", "Mean Street", "Outta Love Again", and "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love".

HOT FOR TEACHER has been featured in FHM Magazine and can be heard regularly on San Francisco's 107.7 "The Bone" radio station.

HOT FOR TEACHER's demo CD, live performances, Promotional Kit and photos can be easily downloaded at HFTROCKS.com. We welcome you to join us at the HFT website Forum to interact with the band and with their fans throughout the world!

Dance the night away with HOT FOR TEACHER!

Randy Monore
Lead Vocals
Terry Lauderdale
Guitar, Backing Vocals
Aaron Leigh
Bass, Backing Vocals


Spanish Fly

Marcelo and Uciel met in Gilby Clarke s soundcheck in "El Teatro" in August 2001 (Marcelo played in LOUDER - Mötley Crüe Tribute Band - and Uciel was an assistant of Dukke, KEFREN s drummer at that moment). In 2004 Uciel told Marcelo that he would like to join a covers band by MSN. Marcelo told him: "What would you think about a Van Halen Tribute Band?" From this moment, they begin practising and looking for the rest of the musicians. By an e-mail advertisement, they met the bass player Gaston Torres. Four months they practised with singer, Gustavo Santini (ELMER s ex-singer joined the band) and SPANISH FLY s concert debut held in Hard Rock Cafe (Buenos Aires) in March 2005. In April 2005, the band recorded their first Demo. In May 2005, they made their second show in "The Cavern Club" joined by Federico Pérez Losada on keyboards. In June 2005, Gustavo Santini (singer) is replaced by Jorge Quintana. In July 2005, Gastón Torres left the band. In the same moment SPANISH FLY s Demo get into Rock & Pop ranking (the most important rock radio in Argentina) getting votes through the radio web site and then the demo was played in "Day Tripper" radio show. Now the band is looking for a new bass player.

SPANISH FLY (guitar solo from the album "Van Halen II"): the name was chosen by Marcelo. The repertoire of SPANISH FLY consists most in delighting the main hits of DAVID LEE ROTH. SPANISH FLY do not point out just VAN HALEN s fans, they also are appreciated by lovers of good hard rock.

Spanish Fly:

Marcelo Viera - Guitar
Uciel Gonzalez - Drums
Federico Pérez Losada - Keyboards
Jorge Quintana - Bass


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