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Peter Noone - Herman's Hermits
Interview - june 2005.

Herman's Hermits

Herman's Hermits

Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone is a multi-talented entertainer, who has been delighting audiences nearly all his life. He was born in Manchester, England, where he studied voice and acting at St. Bede's College and the Manchester School of Music and Drama. As a child, he played "Stanley Fairclough" in the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. He was also featured in the television series Knight Errant, Family Solicitor and Monro's Saki Stories.

At the age of fifteen, Peter achieved international fame as "Herman", lead singer of the legendary Sixties pop band Herman's Hermits. His classic hits included: "I'm Into Something Good" "Mrs. Brown, you've Got A Lovely Daughter", "I'm Henry VIII, I Am", "Silhouettes", "Can't You Hear My Heartbeat", "Just A Little Bit Better", "Wonderful World", "There's A Kind of Hush", "A Must To Avoid", "Listen People", "The End of the World" and "Dandy". Ultimately, Herman's Hermits sold over sixty million recordings. In all, fourteen singles and seven albums went gold. The Hermits were twice named Cashbox's "Entertainer of the Year".

Accompanied by his band, Herman's Hermits, Noone consistently plays to sold-out venues the world over. He has a legion of faithful fans (known as "Noonatics") whose loyalty is unparalleled. Today's teen girls scream just as passionately as their mothers did back in 1965, prompting VH1 to select Peter as their viewer's choice for the "Sexiest Artist of the Year". Most recently, Noone starred in the recurring role of "Paddington" on the CBS daytime drama, As The World Turns. His colorful performances instantly made him a favorite of the soap opera magazines and online message boards. There is no doubt that Peter Noone's extraordinary talent, disarming wit, handsome features and compelling stage presence will continue to delight fans of all ages, for a long, long time to come.

Peter Noone

Peter Noone

1) Looking at musical biographies of nowadays bands reference list showing names of bands they played with became very important part of their presentation. Reference list of your band, The Herman's Hermits, is including the name of the biggest among all of the bands in the world - The Beatles. Would you be so kind to tell us some memories of those days. How many times you played together? Where it happened? How do you explain the fact that destiny brought four so great personalities in the world of music to play together in one band? Which one of four of them made the greatest impression at you and why?

Peter Noone: The Beatles were a social and cultural revolution. They arrived on the music scene at the perfect time, because the music business had fallen into a rut, and all the british bands were pretending to be Americans and covering their songs. All the hit parade in the UK was full of copies of us recordings and it was time for a major upheaval. There they were - The Beatles. They kicked out the old sort of like the sex pistols, but with lots of talent charm and wit. Every generation the audience creates a brand new musical theme. Who will it be next? They all made an impression on me because they were nice people, and incredibly talented. They had no weak link! John was the most amusing one for me, and Paul was the most friendly. George was quiet and Ringo was the party guy back then. I was a kid of 15 and they treated me like a kid of 15, until they realised I was a genius!

2) The Herman's Hermits (who is Herman?) were very popular band. You gave numerous concerts, appeared in many very important radio and TV shows, do not need to mention countless hits recorded on singles and LPs. What of these segments gave the biggest impact to your success? Without good promotion, it is very hard for nowadays bands to attract consumers of the music. How important was promotional work in 60-ties and 70-ties?

Peter Noone: Promotion is a relative thing and when a new band ask me what they should do to get started I always say "do every concert that you are offered no matter how much money it costs you". I think playing live is the best promotion and it always leads to the next step.

3) Rare are people / bands with ability to recognise moment when their popularity is going down. I believe that moment, until some band is still on the top, is the best moment to stop with musical activities. That moment is the best moment to start something new. How did you recognise that moment in respect of The Herman's Hermits career?

Peter Noone: We stopped when i decided to take a break, and I still think I chose EXACTLY the right moment. Maybe we would have had more hits, but I wanted out before we murdered each other. The Hermits were great people and we had spent 10 years together without a wedding ring so it was time to get going with our lives. We did that!

4) What are the biggest achievements of your solo career so far? Does audience during your live performances is still requesting to hear hits of The Herman's Hermits?

Peter Noone: I think HH was the highlight of my recording career and pirates of penzance the highlight of my acting career, but mostly I am proud that my music hasn't disappeared and that I can still do over 100 concerts a year and the crowd knows ALL my songs.

5) Without any doubt, you achieved all sorts of success. What more can expect one artist of your level?

Peter Noone: I expect and demand more every day, from myself, my band, and from the audience.

6) What is bringing Peter Noone's near future in respect of musical activities?

Peter Noone: 150 US dates this year.

7) At the end - please, say one message for listeners of The Jeans Generation (radio show) and for the visitors of web site Barikada.

Peter Noone: Hello Jeans Generation. I hope you get to hear some of the great music I made with Herman's Hermits. We did it for fun and it lives.


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