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09/08/2006 - 16/08/2006 - BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

09/08/2006 - 16/08/2006
Press release

Sziget 2006 offers the most exciting week of the festival season with multifarious programmes between August 9 and 16. Visitors can expect 200 international stars, 500 Hungarian bands, performers, DJs, several dozen theatre groups, acrobats, humorists, dancers, puppeteers, 200 programmes a day at more than 60 locations.

Had there been a festival stock market, the Sziget Festival stocks would belong to the blue chips. The Sziget has gone through an immense growth since the start 14 years ago and is among the leading stocks in the imaginary festival stock market. Sziget’s leading role among the festivals in Middle-Europe is guaranteed by the row of international stars, the new and expanded programmes and by the several upgradings carried out in services. Greater international festival tickets are commonly sold out in advance and this happens to Sziget passes as well. Last year’s regular passes were sold out well before the start of the festival and on certain days no daily passes were available.

NEW: non-accommodation weekly passes
Since Sziget 2006 compelling programmes presumably will draw greater attention, the organizers decided to issue 15,000 cheaper non-accommodation weekly passes (99 EUR) besides the 25,000 regular weekly passes including camping facilities (120 EUR). This new initiation is designed for Sziget-goers who would like to enjoy the advantages of the weekly pass but do not need accommodation at the festival-area. (Prices quoted above are recommended but are subject to change by countries and different agencies may add handling fees.)

Both regular and non-accommodation weekly passes are non-transferable. The non-accommodation passes do not entitle you to bring in tents and the use of camp-facilities and camping services are excluded. The enclosed camp site of the Sziget can only be entered with a regular "camping" weekly pass at entrance checkpoints. Strict ticket control can be expected in all the other, not enclosed areas to prevent misuse of cheaper passes at the campers’ cost.
As this year a total of 40000 weekly-passes will be issued (including both regular and non-accommodation tickets), and the holding capacity of the festival is still 65000 persons, the maximal amount of daily tickets sold will be limited to 25000 per day instead of last year's 40000.
This year daily tickets can be purchased in advance from the start of the ticket-sale - only within Hungary, though. As previous years daily-passes were sold out on certain days of the Sziget, it is recommended to buy daily passes in advance even for those who only wish to visit the festival a day or two. Daily passes cost 24 EUR.

Sziget Services
Services offered at Sziget are acknowledged among the international festivals, as well. This fame obliges the organizers to maintain and improve the level of the services. The customary services will be available from laundry to baggage-rooms, from créche to post office to ensure the trouble-free entertainment of the visitors. You can draw money from cash points and you can pay by bank-card at the entrance ticket office. Other services offered this year include pharmacy, lost and found, lockers, 168-hour medical and security duty, language first aid, information desk, and several other services will make your stay more convenient at Sziget. Some quality improvements can also be reported. The organizers make an effort to enhance the comfort of the visitors, so services show remarkable improvement in many areas. One such area is hygiene: although more and more bio-toilets have been available from year to year, the number of easy to clean well-lit container-toilets could not be increased due to the lack of sewer. However, this year the number of container-toilets will be increased by introducing a new device and thus several other toilet centers will be created in the most frequented spots. This technology does not require sewer: a cistern is placed under the container collecting sewage which will be transported continuously. Five centers will be established using the container-toilets imported from Austria, with each center consisting of fifty well-lit toilets with constant cleaning staff and cleaning.

The gardening reconstruction of the Sziget is intended to improve the camping circumstances. The area in front of the Sziget Main Stage will be banked up and put under grass by the Horticultural Company in order to prevent the recurrence of the problems faced last year when the rainfall before the opening turned the area into a muddy-pool. Public lighting will be significantly improved and the subdued lighting of the Northern part of the Sziget will be extended to other sections as well. The sound quality of certain stages will be improved. Digital audio mixers in compliance with the most modern techniques will be put to use on the Main Stage. Also new this year: three more tents, 800 square meters each, will be ventilated by high-power fans in addition to the three big tents and the Party Arena.

European market leading company VLS dealing with video technical services will turn the Main Stage and its surroundings into a constructive visual space for a week - hoping to set tradition. The area will enjoy a new atmosphere every day playing an unforgettable effect on Sziget-goers. Various surfaces will be projected: the whole stage and its loudspeakers (approx. 800 sq meters), the ground and the surroundings. 3D animation images will be projected on the stage with High Definition solutions. 50,000-lumen projectors ensure enormous light intensity and perfect contrast turning the place into a magical scene. No such show harmonizing static image and animated video has ever been presented on a music festival. The unique and artistic execution of the light concerts will make it a worthy complementary element of the Sziget. The creative company will accomplish a visual improvisation on a given theme every night till dawn. Inspired by the Sziget feeling and the essence of the festival, the unique show exploits the technical parameters and conditions at the maximum and provides quality supplement to the Sziget programmes.

Catering establishments first installed last year will be used this year, too. In order to satisfy growing demands and offer quick service, the number of caterers are increased. This year 47 pubs, 39 hot-food buffets with different menus, 4 nouvelle cuisine buffets, 7 buffets, 8 confectioneries, 4 green-grocers, 2 fresh-squeeze orange-juice places and 4 corn on the cobs will serve guests. Some new specialties will also be introduced in Sziget catering: tacos bar, churros (Brazilian sweets) and bratwurst (white sausages).

International scenes at Sziget
Sziget Festival competes the great festivals not only for the quality of its services but for the variety of its programmes as well. In addition to the five international big stages: the Main Stage (Nagyszínpad) with mainstream music, the Pannon World Music Stage (Pannon Világzenei Nagyszínpad) introducing world music, the WAN2 Stage promising diverse styles, the HammerWorld Stage playing hard rock, and the Party Arena with electric music, international performers will also be seen on the Palace of Arts Jazz Stage (Művészetek Palotája Jazz Színpad). The MTV Theater and Dance Tent and Open-air Stage (MTV Színház és Táncsátor és Szabadtéri Színpad) with their usual high standard programmes also promise excellent international shows. The Roma Tent will offer quality entertainment for the visitors just as the expanded place for the underground electric music called Medúza (Jellyfish).

The Main Stage (Nagyszínpad) is located in the center of the Sziget Festival with a 50,000 capacity auditorium. It will host among the bands confirmed so far the Radiohead from Oxford, the Scottish Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Placebo, Therapy?, Ministry, the Belgian dEUS, the Finn Rasmus, the Dutch The Gathering, the Italian Jovanotti, the German Gentleman, Beatstakes and Guru’s Jazzmataz.

World music fans will find their favorite performers on the Pannon World Music Stage in the Northern part of the Sziget. This year you can see Susana Baca from Peru, the Canadian (Celtic) La Bottine Souriante, the king of kora Toumani Diabate from Mali and the Mexican Lila Downs. Robert Plant with his brand new band, the Strange Sensation is to play for the first time in Hungary. The Algerian rai-prince Cheb Mami last visited us more than 10 years ago, Manu Dibango from Cameroon - this occasion the guest of Enzo Avitabile from Naples - has never been to the Sziget. Among the outstanding artists and bands popular in Hungary, you can find returning to the world music stage the Egyptian-English diva, Natacha Atlas, Femi Kuti setting the the Nigerian afro-beat tradition on fire, the Serbian Boban Markovic’s brass band, the Celtic-African Afro Celt Sound System, the Italian Spakka-Neapolis 55, the Serbian-Croatian Goran Bregovic, and the American Klezmer clarinettist David Krakauer.
The unique percussion trance by Danyel Waro from Réunion, the Indian-English Susheela Raman, the brutal ska-punk of the Russian Leningrad, the French-Arabic Les Boukakes and Orange Blossom, the Polish Zakopower, the German bohemian-acoustics 17 Hippies or Tiken Jah Fakoly from Ivory Coast playing roots reggae are proudly presented in previous years promise an unforgettable experience of the stage.

The WAN2 Stage is a huge tent hosting various music trends. This year the stage will see such stars as the Dutch Relax, the Mad Heads XL from Ukraine, the popular Turkish band maNga, Deti Picasso, one of Russia’s most interesting and strangest pop group, Hadag Nachash, the most popular hip-hop group from Israel, The Orb, the founders of the electric dance music, Roy Paci and Aretuska, the famous Italian trumpet artist with his band, Coldcut, one of the pioneers of the history of electric dance music, Wir Sind Helden, preserving the best traditions of the Neue Deutsche Welle, and Gogol Bordello, who is mixing the elements of gypsy-, punk elements and Brechtian cabaret in his music.

The HammerWorld Stage is the permanent place for fans of hard rock. This year you can see among others the legendary Sick Of It All, Fear Factory, the Brittish Cathedral, Exploited, Evergrey, the American Morbid Angel, the Norwegian Satyricon, and Cradle Of Filth.

The Party Arena, a 2,700 square meter mega tent entertains those who like electric music. This year you can see Carl Craig, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ Storm, John B, Layo and Bushwacka, MC Fats, Mylo, Roger Sanchez, Tiefschwarz and Anthony Rother.

Sziget Festival 2006 Jazz Stage welcomes jazz fans on a larger area.
The charming Canadian ragtime-pianist, Mimi Blais plays on the first day, and among others you can listen to Hungarian productions that were successful abroad in the past few years; bands of mixed nationalities, for example the great Ulli Gumpert’s group with German and American musicians. Wait till 11 PM to meet international stars Wasilewski - Kurkiewicz - Miskiewicz trio from Poland, the ECM publisher’s latest pride, Tomasz Stanko’s partners in 2004. The American group with legendary Matthew Shipp - William Parker - Gerald Cleaver, the magnificent La Campagnie des musiques a ouir, and the Gadó Quartet from France start playing also at 23:00. The list goes on, let the others be surprise. Enjoy Hungarian underground-, improvised music, funk-jazz, world jazz from 00.30 AM setting the night atmosphere for a jam-session.

Theater and Dance Scene - an island within another.
Four scenes – Open-air Stage, Tent, Grass and Performance Stages, six shows a day, 42 international and national productions during the week.
Besides representatives of top-class contemporary theater, dance, opera and performance arts, young talents at the beginning of their careers are given the opportunity to introduce themselves. Considered to be a mission, the organizers wish to introduce contemporary art to those young people who do not usually watch such shows.

Among several international shows, the Sziget Theater and Dance scene welcomes the Marseille National Ballet, the Japanese Eitetsu Fu-Un no Kai group’s drum show, and Mísia, the Portugese singer who has left many countries, cultures, people and music trends behind already. The Italian Circo Arcipelago Teatro, introduced last year at Sziget, comes out with a new show made with Cuban acrobats. You can also enjoy the play of two companies from Singapore: the Necessary Stage and the The Finger Players.

Australian company, Circa, verging contemporary circus and dance art entertains audience at the Sziget Theater and Dance scene. The world famous Spanish daredevil of multimedia performance Marcel.lí Antúnez, also the founder of La Fura Dels Baus, will also be the guest at the festival. Paired with the English Angika Dance Company’s powerful performance based on Indian music and dance, the Turkish Ziya Azazi blends the traditional whirling dance of the dervish and contemporary elements into a solo - showing how centuries old cultures can be re-animated and re-interpreted in modern approach. Two performers come from Japan: the Mariko Dance Theatre from Kyoto with a new show prepared just for the Sziget. Yukiko Nakamura Japanese butoh dancer will presumably slow time and enchant audience with suggestive personality and dance in the outdoor area near the theater scene. Several European music festivals have seen the Cuban contemporary dance company DanzAbierta, which comes to the Sziget with their performance called Chorus Perpetuus.
Besides the flamboyant international shows, great artists and future-stars of contemporary Hungarian dance and theater groups will be greeted here as well.

Street Theater (Utcaszínház) is a project which was realized in one of the biggest areas of the Sziget and which attracted many thousands of visitors last year. The Polish Teatr Ósmego Dnia is going to give its Hungarian debut performance entitled The Ark. Other performances include Firebirds by the German Titanick and Lacher de Violons (The Flying Violins) by the Transe Express. In the nearly 75-minute-long French play in two parts, a mobile-wind bell with living marionette figures playing music is swinging in the air hanging from a 30 meter-high crane weighing 80 tons.

Roma Tent
The Roma Tent has obviously become the venue with the best atmosphere on the Sziget where different nations and age groups enjoy the diverse programmes night after night.
The extremely varied programme ranges from Gipsy Swing to Flamenco, from Olah gypsy music to wind instrumental performances and will surely turn on the audience of the tent! The musicians will evoke the atmospheric music of Austria, Romania, Italy, and Russia, among others. The icing on the cake is going to be the debut of the world music publisher Putumayo with performances by dj’s from the trendy Putumayo Café, who are going to take you on a final travel around the world after the live shows every night. This year we can witness concerts by many artists, among others: Gyass, Felix Lajko’s first band with a new line-up, and also Les Doigts de L’Homme, who can induce an unbelievable ecstasy just playing two guitars and a double bass and their unique ’swing manouche’ style. Kosoni Odpaki are also coming, who are representatives of the new north-east Italian scene, and also the Trio Johnny Rosenberg, the new generation of the Dutch Gypsy music with a more latin repertoire. Guests of the Roma Tent include Harry Stojka & GipsySoul, the Viennese lovár-guitar virtuoso, Dela Dap, the more and more popular Czech-Slovak-Austrian-Hungarian nu-Gypsy group, Kale, Vera Bila’s group, who are going to play in Hungary for the first time. The line-up is also enriched by Romano Drom, who are the most popular Olah Gypsy group even abroad, and Ginai Lincan who, even according to Gypsies, is the living master of the cimbalom, the Hungarian dulcimer. Other artists: Talisman founded by members of the former Lyko group, the outstanding singer. Natacha Osterkorn, Opa Cupa, one of the most "foolish" wind groups of Italy, and the local fave Parno Graszt. We can witness the Breton singer Erik Marchand with his newest line-up Un, Daou, Tri, including a Romanian clarinet virtuoso and an accordion player from the Vajdaság. We also welcome Fanfare Savale, the Gypsy brass band with its heavy rhythm.

The more and more popular underground electronic music with its many, in number almost endless branches will also flourish this year. All this can be experienced in the new, breath-taking and huge venue of the Sziget this year, which is going to be an open, octagonal building with films projected both on the inside and the outside, and with shows of international and local artists. Among the so-far confirmed ones we can witness the long-waited Stereotype, who are going to be supported by Al-Haca Sound system and Mc Coppa. One of the many parties organized on behalf of the seventh birthday-party-series of the Fingelickin’ publisher is going to take place here, with performances by Soul of Man, A.Skillz and Slyde. Addictive Tv are also coming, and after the Coldcut concert on the WAN2 stage Matt Black is coming too, so that he can put on some records now that he is here anyway.
On the trance day the Saafi Brothers will pay a visit, the group of cult figure Gabriel le Mar, who will also perform in the Ambient Tent with a chill-out set. On the common nights of the Project East and Klein Records Markus Kienzl, one member of the Sofa Surfers, who has recently surprised his audience with an excellent album, is going to play. Beside him we will also hear Slack Hippy, Simonlebon, Smacs, Patrick Kong, and Christian Candid, and the 4youreye will produce screenings. Pulver Records, the more and more popular label working with a number of local artists is also going to be represented. Hence the Hungarian Erik Sumo Band, the Upton Fellaz, and also the label bosses: Dublex Inc., Inverse Cinematics and Slope will have their part in the line-up. The English Yummi Records’ Mangomad will probably be the fave of the week, who are less known locally, but their success is guaranteed. Besides the above mentioned international artists, the local underground will play a major role in the line-up at the new scene.

Those regulars of the Sziget festival who already think that they can easily find everything even with their eyes closed might not regret to browse the Sziget map this year, as many changes are to be made concerning the venues. Some of the former venues are moving. There will be programmes which are to move from the previous venues with more wide-range repertoire and a bigger scene. There will be programmes which are to have a new building with a new name. And, of course, there will be completely new programmes.

What’s New:

Silent Disco
Silent Disco was invented by two English gentlemen, NO dj and dj OD, who have traveled the world with their show since 2002, visiting festivals from Glastonbury through Lowlands to Sziget. They are going to make their debut performance showing what a silent disco is like. The idea is based on the usage of two-banded, wireless headphones which are to be worn by visitors who can switch between the two dj’s and so between different styles. The whole party is completely silent, it disturbs nobody and, furthermore, the “quiet dancers” look quite funny.

Zúzda Színpad (Smashing Stage)
Getting enthusiastic after the success of last year’s Zöld Színpad (Green Stage) we had the idea of giving more space to different local metal, nu-metal, hard core, metal core and punk bands. For this reason, they are going to have their own separate open stage where these local metal heads and punks can smash at their pleasure.

The "Teatro de Automatas" (Automatic Theatre) coming from Spain is the last survivor of those old-fashioned market stalls in which the secrets of all kinds of automatic gadgets are revealed: mechanical machines, which bring humans and animals to life by their movements. Displaying twelve different scenes they introduce our great-grand-fathers’ world to us. The Teatro de Automatas is a unique cultural piece, a pioneer in Europe and is highly recommended to all visitors.
A group of specialists brought this ‘Theatre of Continuous Mechanical Movements’ back to life in 1992 and renewed it preserving its original spirit.

Programmes Previously Organized but Renamed

In the place of the previous Szabadiskola (Free School) we are going to have the so-called Szellemvasút Sátor (Scenic Railway Tent). This place is the last chance of the cerebra ready for destruction on the Sziget, a last-minute escape from brain death. The tour guides are: Madamme Sisso és Mister Háy (Mister Fatt). Talks, disputes, artistic actions, music and theatre.

Programmes Previously Organized but Enhanced by a New Repertoire and a New Venue:

Blues stages
Those who want to have a terrific party or just want to get to know this genre can go to this new scene previously called Grundeszliga, where, at different times, two stages and a 24-hour-long “Bluesland” is waiting the die-hard blues fans.
The most significant representatives of this genre are to play the "Big Daddy" blues stage, and as for the breath-taking nightly jam sessions, they can conquer the "Full of Mojo" stage.
The cream of the Blues stages in 2006 are to be the local line-up including Hobo Blues Band, Takács Tamás Dirty Blues Band, Török Ádám és a Mini etc.- but for extra fun internationally recognized artists Louisiana Mojo Queen (USA-Memphis), Breeze Gospel (USA), Big Daddy Wilson& Mississippi Grave Diggers (USA, Germany, Hungary) Visegrad 4 Harps (Cz, SK, HU, PL) Lord Bishop Rocks (USA, UK) will play as well.
The uniqueness of the blues programme is guaranteed by the performance and the feeling of the fanatic blues men having been ripened in the micro-climate of local blues clubs. The international artists, on the other hand, are going to make us travel back in time to the roots of the genre. For this reason, this year’s Sziget Blues Stage has it’s rightly place beside the fire among the big blues festivals of the world.

Previously Organized Programmes Moving to New Venues:

Talentum Szinpad (Talent Stage)
This stage, which gives young talents a great opportunity, has now become a significant forum of the local pop scene giving place to the Talent Spotter Contest of the Sziget Festival. The groups selected from the hundreds of applicants are to be tried in front of the jury of renowned members, who are to reward the best ones thanks to the Musician Club. On the last day the Sziget serves to be the venue of the final round of the Jim Beam Talent Spotter Contest. All this can be witnessed on a new open stage complemented by the tent of the Musician Clubs, where visitor musicians and those interested are welcome with workshops, instrument introductions and information, turning the scene into a kind of a Musician center and Meeting Point.

The Hócipő Kabaré (Snow-boots Cabaret) programmes, after many years, are to take place in the new Szellemvasút Sátor (Scenic Railway Tent) in the place of the previous Jazz Színpad, but those seeking some fun late in the night will surely find it. The absurd side is going to be represented by the famous L’art pour l’art and Róbert Dolák-Saly. Stand up comedy is the most successful in the genre, the famous Szőke-Badár duo, Litkai, Bödöcs, Kőhalmi, András Péter Kovács are already expected to draw incredible attention, but we would like to introduce new talents as well. The almost traditional classic cabaret of Ferenc József Varga are not to be missed this year either; and we are already organizing the “big ones” for a one-hour think-piece. Here György Faludy is guest the for first time at Sziget, who, approaching his 96th birthday, will hopefully take his part this year as well.

Trend Sziget (Trend Island) - A Journey to the Land of Fashion
Freshness, style and energy - this year near HVG Café - The Sziget Festival was enriched by a new and exciting scene in 2003 which is about fashion and trend. Talented students of fashion schools, designers trying the waters, and of course, “old wise masters” are introduced here. Many local and multinational brands will introduce their new collections. Besides clothing we can learn what the new trends are in the field of make-up and haircuts. The big fish of the profession are going to be our guides into this strange and many times crazy world.
The Trend Sziget is expecting its visitors at a new location near HVG Café. The programmes will take place between 5.00 pm to 1.00 am. The lead-in programme is usually a fashion show organized by one of the fashion schools, which will be followed by other fashion shows and performances. The courageous ones can get their hair cut or their bodies painted or just get a new make-up. Those with low self-confidence can ask for professional advice.

The CINEMA moves to the earlier location of Trend sziget
The Sziget Cinema introduces new programmes and lots of curiosities at a new location. The open-air cinema of roaring success will move this August from the over-inhabited field where it used to be to the vicinity of the beach, the earlier location of Trend sziget. This place is ideal for quiet, relaxed, quality movie-experience.

Unlike earlier, the cinema programmes will be opened by the French Philharmonique de la Roquette every day – they accompany classic silent movies with live music.
The members of the company from Arles: Laurent Bernard (keyboards), Emmanuel Duchemin (sound effects, sound system), Maryse Gattegno (bass guitar, vocal), Julien Kamoun (drum, music saw) use the works of such well-known artists as Buster Keaton (The General, Spite Marriage, The Cameraman), Fritz Lang (Metropolis), or F. W. Murnau (Nosferatu, Sunrise) and adopt early news reports, animated films, and even cartoons not only to entertain by accompaniment but by the re-interpretation and re-thinking of these films in a most enjoyable way. Films following the openings include past year’s movie hits and a collection of shorts of independent studios and workshops ensuring quality and satisfaction.
Just like in the past two years, famous actors and directors welcome visitors at Sziget MovieNet tent. There will be theme days designed to tempt fans to attend sessions. One day see last year’s hit cartoons; on science fiction day encounter storm troopers around the tent and be prepared, this time they will not come alone. Horror day will scare you, burlesque day will make you laugh and stunts and action movies will excite you.
This year you can also take part in the animation workshop where you can learn the basics and anyone can make their shorts if they show a little perseverance.

The Architects of Air presents Levity II – Luminarium in Honvéd holiday-resort.
The 800 square meters inflatable sculpture made up of labyrinthine tunnels and colorful bubbles is brought to Sziget by the Brittish Architects of Air for the fifth time. Their castles are getting larger and more inspiring. The pressure of the inflated air makes the special hand-made transparent plastic walls float in the air. It’s one of the Sziget Festival’s most enticing attraction drawing hundred thousands a year to join a queue in the blazing sun as well as in the rain to share this special psychedelic experience.

Further programmes:

Afro-Latin Stage and World village
The programmes at the Afro-Latin Stage and World village have been extended to introduce Asia, the culture of Indonesia and Thailand and that of the Afro-Latin and the Caribbean region in separate blocks creating the atmosphere of the different countries.

AGORA – Assembly of Artists
The AGORA International Assembly and Symposium of Artists is an age-long tradition in Sziget Festival. Its objective is to demonstrate diverse techniques, methods and manifestations through the creative work and the medium of communication of fine arts.

Bahia Stage
The oldest and the only Hungarian underground record publishing company introduces national and international trends in music raging from progressive, non-commercial through wild-jazz, forerunner-underground, experimental to contemporary and ethno.

Civil Sziget 2006
Multitude of new national and international NGOs applied to appear at Sziget this year.
Those, whose work draw youngsters’ attention will be present, for example NGOs dealing with drug prevention, harm reduction, providing information, consultation. Zöld Udvar (Green Garden) will be the place for the green and ecology organizations which deal with the artificial and natural environment, the damages caused by globalization, environment-conscious behavior, animal protection, plant protection, and the popularization of ecological lifestyle.
Demonstrating the tolerant attitude of Sziget, organizations safeguarding the interests and rights of sexual minorities and other minorities are delegated to share their programmes.
Questions asked by visitors will be answered in Civil Sziget by organizations of employment and labor, health, culture and information and public institutions. Students will be represented by organizations working in the secondary and higher education and also by the commissioner of civil rights of education.
Last year’s success, the European Living Library and the European Youth Center of the European Council will also be present. Besides the above mentioned, you can also attend programmes and meet the representatives of historic churches, smaller churches and denominations, and those of the world religions.

Cökxpôn Ambient Tentgarden
The Cökxpön is the non-stop rest point of the Sziget for the sixth time. It is a place to meet others, a home-like spot where you can do what you feel like doing. Enter with your shoes off, have a CHAI and sit crouched in a corner covered with textile. And while you’re sitting on a cushion, sipping tea and talking to your friend, you realize dancers around you, your ears sense fine music, it fills you, gets you and takes you somewhere else.

Pop Festival Tent
The Pop Festival tent sees Hungarian retro stars. Every day, before the great Hungarian veterans step on the stage, TRIBUTE bands play ROCK CLASSICs like Beatles, Kiss, Toto, Ramones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Guns’n’ Roses, Piramis, Illés, Queen, Janis Joplin and many other rock legends.

K&H Games
It is traditional at Sziget to test visitors in different games and showdowns. Hitting records, testing skills, fighting brain and muscle every day. Start preparing!

Tent of Logic Games
The Hegyvidék Sports Association Chess and Go department welcomes people interested in logic games at Sziget 2006, too. The programme of the tent of Logic Games may not miss chess or go, the Japanese board game, which became quite popular. In addition to bridge, which will be newly introduced this year, visitors may get acquainted with many other logic games, e.g.: Tantrix, 3D Mill Game, Five-In-A-Row, Abalone, Backgammon, Halma, Tangram, Pylos, Quatro, Quixo, and so on.

Magic Mirror
The Magic Mirror tent is the Sziget’s most exceptional scene. The Belgian variety theater with its exquisite saloon welcomes visitors for the sixth time with talk shows, concerts, beautiful, young, talented and provoking dancers. World famous stars will be engaged: the German acrobats, the Caesar Twins, who performed for the Queen of England and will have their first show in Hungary. The acrobats of the French Les Farfadais circus company will also be the guest of Magic Mirror, just like Aérea Negrot, the Venezuelan born tranny singer living in Berlin, who brings her own acts. Considering their earlier success, the Dutch Hot Leggs band is invited to give a dazzling dance party again.

OCTOPUS All-arts Scene
This will be the fourth season of Octopus All-arts Scene, the home of the Sziget’s literary, artistic and classical music programmes. In addition to talented students of art colleges and young art groups, the top institution of Hungarian arts will be represented here. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Gallery, and the Palace of Arts offer discounts and welcome visitors at their programmes set at Sziget.
The We Collective group consists of English and Hungarian university students of arts and they will be continuously constructing an installation from waste material and visitors may try it at any stage of the construction.
MOME programmes include sand sculptures, video installations, light in motion and workshop to make shading installations.
Literary programmes include: Győrei Zsolt – Schlachtovszky Csaba: Brontëk – a theater play; the Tonett chamber music band’s write up of poetry; RAP – contemporary poets and the RAP; PRAE-night (the authors of the magazine read out); Belletrists meet (lecture), Zoo by Night – women in the night (lecture).
The group called Fidelio set the classical music programme conjointly with the Palace of Arts. To tempt and to be tempted – the ’Cosí fan tutte’, one of Mozart’s most youthful and frivolous opera will honor Mozart’s 250th anniversary performed by the SZÉF and the Bel Canto Opera company.
Last year’s Händel opera will be followed by an other one this year: the Deidamia, performed again by the Bükk Arts Days. Mussorgskij’s favored piece, the Pictures at an Exhibition will be twofold timely after the football world cup and a special percussion write up will be played at Sziget, not the original piano piece or Ravel’s orchestra version. Being brassed off? Listen to the multiple contest winner brass band, the Corpus Trombone Quartet and enjoy some Bartók celebration á la carte!

Pesti Est Stage
Pesti Est is a Hungarian programme magazine and Sziget-goers know that the Pesti Est Stage programmes are just as flamboyant and interesting as the programmes Pesti Est magazine offers: pop music and classical music concerts, lectures, sports and fashion shows, open-air dance parties till dawn - all in one magazine, all on one stage. The music trends range from jazz to nu-metal, from authentic world music to the latest electric productions. Besides crowd-dragging names known nation-wide, the stage hosts gifted young bands, as well.

POP Stage
Pop Stage presents popular Hungarian bands, for example: Back II Black, Pa-dö-dő, United, Hiperkarma, Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartell, Animal Cannibals, Megastars, KFT, Kimnowak, Varga Zsuzsa, Roy és Ádám, Mester Tamás, Belmondo – Czutor Zoli’s new band, Zanzibar, Kowalsky meg a Vega, Supernem, Eleven Hold, Balkan Fanatik and Perfect Name.

Sports programmes
Feeling stiff from strolling from programmes to concerts? Move your sore limbs at sports scenes using all kinds of sports equipments available. Sport shows, competitions and other exciting leisure activities attract visitors.

The Tent of the Museum of Fine Arts
Sziget Festival hosts Museum of Fine Arts celebrating its 100th anniversary.
The Tent of the Museum of Fine Arts will basically function as a workshop and an information center. Set goal is to attract young people to museums again and to raise interest in fine arts.
Museum people offer arts and crafts in the tent: visitors can make their own works (and can keep them) using the equipments and materials provided or brought in (for example clothing) applying techniques such as screen printing, painting, collage, montage, sculpturing, and so on.
Every day, a copy of one work of art of high importance will be exhibited and visitors may interpret it as they prefer on the spot. The best works will be displayed on the last day of the Sziget Festival.
The Museum Tent will host several history of arts lectures on exhibits of the Museum during the festival, for example the Rembrandt 400 or the Van Gogh exhibition to be opened in the winter. Lectures will also be held on different periods of the history of arts, on highlighted works of art, on restoration and verification procedures, etc. During the workshops Jazz Matiné concerts will entertain audience similar to the regular Thursday night Museum + series. Win ever day! Fill in a quiz on history of arts and win museum gifts, catalogues, entrance tickets. (Free soccer!) Exhibitions of the Museum of Fine Arts can be visited for half price in August with intact Sziget Festival wrist bands.

Traveling Fun-fair
Street theaters, puppet theaters, jugglers, acrobats – Come and see with your own eyes! Whirling follies, old-time fun, deceiving and giddy toys from the good old times 100 years ago, carousel with wooden horses, brass bands and square-patterned table clothes, future-tellers and story tellers, Wiener wurst, "pozsonyi kifli" and Hungarian fun. The area is enclosed by tents and attractions that take you back to the time of fun-fairs with barber’s shop furnished with period furniture, saloon for clown make-up, fortune-teller, skill games and throwing games, peep-in vax works.
Around the tents you can play outdoor games and there will be competitions. A traveling photographer will work and you can have your photo taken in costumes. The Hungarian Juggler Association will offer toy-rent and you will be welcome to try and practice rope dancing, stilts, the circus trapeze, the one-wheel cycle, the balancing ball, the rolabola and several other jugglers’ equipment. The fun-fair will host high-standard international circus companies, 24 groups from 7 countries will entertain audience. Comedians, acrobats, jugglers, puppet theaters and fair entertainers will follow each other. You can enjoy the performance of Konrad Frederics from England, the Bankal from France and Márkuszínház from Pécs. The English style CABARET, the authentic German VARIETY and the superb night FIRESHOW will add to the multifarious programmes of the scene.
ACROBATS IN THE AIR for the first time in Sziget history! The 9 meter long structure necessary for the show comes right from Belgium and the breath-taking performance can be seen several times during the week.
Anton Anderle comes from Slovakia and displays his marionette puppets and small puppet theaters to be enjoyed all week.

Hungarian Ethnic Scene – "wear, wore, wear"
Retrospection and introspection to pristine every day life.
Is there anybody remembering how many laced, frilly underskirts does a matyó bride need? How many folds does a Rábaköz scarf take on the head? How many crinkles do you walk into your paddled boots? Does anyone know what a shoulder-pin is; what you use a ’pufándli’ for; on what is the ’pálha’ sewn, what a shoulder spot is good for on your shirt?
The Hungarian Ethnic Scene is moved near the theater hill to the vicinity of the Traveling Fun-fair in 2006. Following earlier years’ practice, arts and crafts workshops and exhibitions welcome visitors. The House of Traditions will host the display of Hungarian folk costumes, accessories, and the related traditions and techniques. In connection to this year’s theme, the workshops will focus on bead weaving, stringing beads, stripe weaving, spinning and leathering. Besides having the opportunity to make accessories for your own use, you can try on authentic outfits and old hair braids. Have the traveling photographer record your metamorphosis! In the House of Traditions you can learn about the job of the institution and the people who work there. In the evenings musicians will play on the Traveling Fun-fair stage to accompany dance.


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