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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

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  World Of Music

Deepest Purple (Germany - Deep Purple Tribute Band)
GaGa (UK - Queen Tribute Band)
Pink Voyd (USA - Pink Floyd Tribute Band)
Rollin' Stoned (UK - Rolling Stones Tribute Band)
64 - The Jeans Generation (radio show) - 23.08.2005.

Deepest Purple

THE LEGEND LIVES ON - Deepest Purple brings you the very best of this legendary band, performing all the classics from both line-ups on the same night. Set 1 covers the best of Gillan / Glover era, and Set 2 features the best of Coverdale / Hughes - a unique combination, never previously attempted.

Not only is Deepest Purple faithful to the music, sounds and looks, but they are also trying to recapture the atmosphere of the time with instruments and stage costumes that closely resemble the early 70's. They even include a costume change from Set 1 to Set 2 to illustrate the transition from 1971/2 Purple to 1974/5.

Deepest Purple promises to be a unique experience for all Purple fans. And for those who may never have experienced Purple the first time round, this is a great opportunity to understand the true talent in an often underrated band.

Wouldn't it be great if you could still see the original Deep Purple Mkll line-up, featuring Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Jon Lord and Roger Glover, belting out their classic hits from "In Rock", "Machine Head", "Made In Japan", "Fireball" and more? And what if you could then follow that with the Coverdale / Hughes line-up, responsible for classic tracks such as "Burn" and "Mistreated"? On the same night, at the same gig? The first scenario is pretty unlikely. Both occuring at the same time is downright impossible. Until now.

Contact for management at:
or call Tim - 07971 928881


GaGa The Ultimate Queen Tribute - GaGa was the first band to receive permission from Queen's management to record Queen songs onto CD. Queen's guitarist, Brian May, asked for a copy of their first CD entitled "A Tribute to Queen" released back in 1995. He later stated that he thought GaGa were excellent and stylish musicians.

GaGa has played in a diverse catalogue of shows with artists such as Squeeze, Frank Skinner, Spice Girls, Space, Mike Reid, 911 and Lindisfarne. The band do not dress up and for this they make no apologies. Those expecting to see a band where the musicians look and dress like Queen will leave the show sadly disappointed.

GaGa's two hour performances have built up an excellent reputation with both fans and critics alike. This year should prove to be no exception. With a fresh bass player, an even bigger, better light show, a sound system to match and with audience participation encouraged throughout, the show promises to be "a kind of magic".

Graham Patrick: Born - Merseyside / Date of Birth - 2nd September 1966 / Plays - drums and sings backing vocals.
John Holmes: Born - Merseyside / Date of Birth - 11th October 1966 / Plays- lead guitar and sings lead vocals
Tony Pilling: Born - Merseyside / Date of Birth - 12th August 1956 / Plays - Bass and sings backing vocals


01744 632231 or 07766 274081
email: gagamail@hotmail.co.uk
342 Sutton Heath Road / St. Helens / WA9 5ES / UK

Pink Voyd

DANIEL FISHER - Daniel Fisher is an "Associate Professor of Music Synthesis" at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. Daniel also designs user interfaces for Web-based applications for a financial company in downtown Boston. A former Staff Sergeant with the United States Army, Daniel started in "Digital Multi-Channel Communications" but he was later discovered by a three-star General in Signal Corps who heard him jamming at the local Army club. Fisher then spent 2 years touring Europe with the 84th Army Band followed by 2 years across the States with the "US Army Rock Band". After the Army, Daniel received dual degrees in "Music Synthesis" and "Music Production & Engineering" from Berklee College in Boston. After spending several years as a Soundware Engineer for Kurzweil Music Systems, Fisher went on to become the Director of Soundware Engineering at Sweetwater Sound and headed the creation of over 20 CD-ROMs and synth programs for Kurzweil, Alesis, Korg, E-MU, Yamaha, and TC Electronic. All Keyboards and Synthesizers used by the four members of Pink Voyd were purchased from Sweetwater. Daniel Fisher plays a fully-loaded KURZWEIL K2000VXS for synthesized and atmospheric realizations. B-3 Organ parts are played on the "ROLAND VK-7". Solo Synth Leads and Synth Strings performed on the amazing "NORD MODULAR SYNTHESIZER" (Expanded to 32 Voices) and processed through a "TC Electronic G-Force". Rhythm Guitar played on a PARKER NiteFLY through a "LINE 6 POD 2.0" and a "LINE 6 AX212" Amp with an extra "LINE 6 2x12 cab". Acoustic guitar output from the Parker Guitar processed with a "ROLAND AD-5" and sent directly to the PA. Daniel's Tenor Trombone is an Olds Ambassador. MIDI signals between the keyboards, guitar, and controller pedals are routed through a "KURZWEIL EXPRESSION MATE".

JOHN PITINGOLO - John exclusively plays left-handed Fender basses strung right-handed. 1976 Fender Jazz bass. Current Model Jazz Bass 3/4 scale Precision Bass with active EMG electronics. Danelectro "Convertible"6-string Guitar (Purple Metal Flake!). John plays through a: Boss GT-6B Bass Processor; Shure Wireless System; Ampeg SVT-III Pro Head; AMPEG SVT 8X10 Cab; Ernie Ball Volume Pedal; Heet E-Bow; Furman RP-8L Power Conditioner. Pitingolo loves his rig and hopes that someday he'll figure out how to operate "all this f*@#$%NG gear." John also creates amazingly cool graphics including most of the graphics featured on band's web site.

TONY CALIENDO - Tony has been playing drums for most of his life, and has both performed and taught on a professional level. With his versatile drumming style and hi-tech equipment knowledge he has played for bands, theatrical shows, state jazz band competitions and the "Boston Music Scene". Tony has always loved Pink Floyd and, with this project, strives to replicate the feel of multiple percussionists using state-of-the-art equipment and lots of practice. "HIGH HOPES" and "LEARNING TO FLY" are among Tony's favorite Pink Floyd songs. He loves to sing and jam with his bandmates at every practice & performance. He feels that the real challenge of achieving the "Pink Floyd style" is imitating the sounds of the early recordings without sacrificing the poetic style of the later music. Tony's biggest goal is to chew up less "WOOD" at every show... He's always got too much "sawdust" under his drum kit at the end of a show... which might concern the "New England Tree & Horticultural Society"! Tony Plays: Pearl Dual 24 Recording Kick Drums; Staccato 8",10",13", and 15" custom Tubulars mounted on a Pearl Rack; Pearl Maple Shell, Deep Dish Snare Drum; Slingerland 30-year old Maple 18" Floor Tom (can't miss it); DW Dual Kick Drum Pedals; Paiste 60-Tube, Chrome Bar Chimes; Paiste 36" Gong; Zildjian 15", 17", 20" Cymbals; Paiste 22" and 18" Cymbals; Sabian 16" Crash "WITH A BITE TAKEN OUT OF IT"; Kurzweil K2600 Rackmount Synthesizer in a Mesa Rack; DrumKAT Turbo Drum Trigger Pad MIDI'd to Kurzweil...

WALTER STICKLE - Walter Stickle is a quintuple threat; he plays guitars, lap steel, both tenor and alto saxes, keyboards, and he sings. He's like a packet of: "Instant Pink Floyd Powder" - Just add Walter... He's spent most of his adult life playing original music in projects ranging from Pop to Industrial, recording and producing local bands, and composing Jazz, Classical and Ambient music for soundtracks. Despite the diversity of these projects, Walter aproached them all with a focus on the interplay between melody and textural soundscapes which he attributes to years spent listening to Pink Floyd and the playing of Dave Gilmour. Walter utilizes his experiences, electronics, and even random household objects to help Pink Voyd capture not only the songs, but the textural flavors and moods that make up Pink Floyd. Guitars: Fender American Strats w/ EMG DG20 "David Gilmour" electronics; Fender American Telecaster; Gibson Sonix with Fishman X-Bridge (Tuned down one whole step to "D" for "Dogs"); Takamine EF-384 Acoustic/Electric; Melobar Lap Steel with custom Seymour Duncan 59 pickup. Guitar Rig: All guitar tones produced by the Line 6 "Vetta" Digital Modeling Amplifier (with models of the Hiwatt 100W amp and the "Binson Echorec" delay which Gilmour used on many a Pink Floyd Favorite) and controlled by the Vetta FBX Footcontroller Mesa Boogie Stereo 2/90 Power Amp; 2 Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cabinets; Heil Talk Box; Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah; Heet E-Bow; Craftsman 18mm socket (used as a slide); Craftsman Screwdriver (used as a bow); Samson Wireless. Vocals: Crown CM-311 Headset Mic; TC Electronics VoicePrism Processor. Saxophones: Monique Silver Tenor Saxophone; Alpine Alto Saxophone; Vespro Soprano Saxophone, Samson Wireless Mic; Boss Pro Compressor; Boss SE-70 Signal Processor. Keyboards: Kurzweil K2000VXS Synthesizer; Roland PK-5 Organ Pedal MIDI Foot Controller; ADA Flanger.

Rollin' Stoned

1998 Byron Jones, co-founder of the Counterfeit Stones leaves after 7 years. "I had become disillusioned with their lack of enthusiasm and real feeling for the Stones music. Set lists then usually only included the basic numbers - for instance I was told that there was no room for Midnight Rambler." Byron starts auditioning, filmed by the BBC, for the Stones band of his dreams. After turning away so many applicants the final line up wholly consists of musicians recommended to Byron. "It's absolutely essential that every member of the band is perfect if we are to become the best in the business." After extensive rehearsals, lasting 6 months, Byron's Dream Team is ready to roll. "They are all brilliant musicians as well as being Stones fanatics, and they have the all important feel for the music. So different from the Counterfeits. I couldn't be happier with this band."

1999 Rollin' Stoned hit the road and immediately earn rave reviews. Early gigs include Pinewood Studios and the Theatre Royal Windsor. Dates all over the UK quickly follow as word gets out that there is a new band to rival even the original Stones.

2000 - the New Year kicks off with a private gig for the family of the late Alexis Korner, without whom the Rolling Stones may never have existed. Some of the Stones appear at the Half Moon, Putney. Pat Andrews, Brian Jones' girlfriend from his Cheltenham days and mother of his first son, joins the band on stage at the Worcester Park Club. Pat is extremely impressed with their authenticity and enthusiasm. A short visit to Portugal, backed by Carlsberg Lager, is followed by a triumphant visit to Dartford; home town of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Keith's and Anita Pallenberg's daughter, Angela, is in the audience and watches spellbound at the front of the stage. France, Belgium and Germany fall next with a successful spot on German TV. Offers to return come flooding in. Against all the odds the Stoned find themselves playing in Windsor, an old haunt of the Rolling Stones, the very same night as the Counterfeits who are not at all amused. Unconcerned, Rollin Stoned again play to a full house and as always produce an awesome display. The place was jumping all night long with no one ever wanting it to end. Year 2000 winds up with prestigious bookings from Granada TV, Pinewood Studios and The Times.

2001 - there is a lot of opinion around suggesting that The Stoned would have cakewalked BBC's Battle of the Tribute Bands. An extremely successful first booking for Butlins follows. They immediately sign up the band for more appearances. Keith Richards's daughter, Angela, sees the band again; this time bringing along Keith's mother, Doris, who never stops dancing. Keith hears how good The Stoned are and promises to check them out. A first trip to Ireland is another huge success. Mel and Sue on BBC's London Live are extremely impressed; favourably comparing the band to The Stones. A live performance, with interviews, on Sky TV also goes really well. The Brian Jones 32nd Anniversary Show at the 100 Club in London is a massive sell out. Connections of The Stones, including family members, witness a fantastic performance. Numerous highly favourable comparisons with The Stones are made. The band immediately head for Europe for another sell out tour of Belgium and Germany. Gigs continue to be sold out all over the UK. Have you seen The Stoned standing in the shadows?

2002 - the first big event of the year is a 3 hour stormer. Planned, in conjunction with the his fan club, Brian Jones 60th Birthday Party gig at The Scala in London on 28 February is a major success. Carlo Little, The Stones first choice drummer back in 1962/63, joins in on Carol and Little Red Rooster. The Stoned perform at the opening night of legendary photographer Gererd Mankowitz's London exhibition of Rolling Stones photographs. The band complete a successful tour of Norway amid demands to return to Germany as well as further requests to visit Canada and the USA for the first time. In fact the website is being hit from nearly 40 countries. The band round off 2002 with a brilliant series of sold out Christmas Shows around the London area. Roll on 2003!

2003 - a very busy year with Stones mania taking place. When the Stones pulled out of their first Twickenham gig the Stoned got the call to stand in for the corporate events which the organisers couldn't cancel at such short notice. Unfortunately the band had recently taken a late booking for a gig in London that night. The band did do a number of London gigs during the same period that the Stones were in town. The highlight was the 100 Club night which was attended by lots of Stones fans over from the USA who were very complimentary. Another highlight was a midnight gig in the market square of a village in Belgium attended by over 500 enthusiastic fans. The Half Moon, Putney residency proved extremely popular with all nights sold out in advance.

Rollin Stoned Office
438 Archway Road, Highgate, London, N6 4JH
0870 766 9054 / 020 8374 2127 (fax)

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