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Beyond the Darkside (UK)
Whole Lotta Led (UK)
59 - The Jeans Generation (radio show) - 19.07.2005.

Beyond the Darkside

Ask any one of the 3 portly, greying survivors of the original Pink Floyd why their music clicks with millions of people, and it's very likely the answer will be "I've no idea". But click it most certainly does, even now ~ more than 35 years after this group of middle-class students launched themselves into the burgeoning British psychedelic pop scene of the sixties. Named after legendary Georgia blues men Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, Pink Floyd is arguably the greatest mainstream rock phenomenon in the world.

Masters of technical wizardry and radiant visuals, this progressive art-rock band have always been leaders rather than followers, always believing that their music, psychedelic lighting and atmospheric effects were part of the same scene - each one enhancing and adding to the other. Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" is one of the most consistent selling albums in the history of the record industry - a darkly haunting masterpiece exploring the evocative themes of loneliness, alienation, madness & death. In the years since its release, the Floyd have continued to produce outstanding 'concept' albums - complete and self-contained works exploring the intricacies, foibles, and darkness of the human psyche.

The Floyd was never a bunch of prancing, power-tripping musicians; despite being one of rock's most celebrated & iconic bands, its members are among rock's most reluctant celebrities. The band that created a series of cosmic, thought provoking anthems for every emerging generation since the sixties is enigmatic and reclusive, only turning out for rare live appearances and even rarer album releases. There are few opportunities for fans to immerse themselves in the visual and auditory rhapsody that is Pink Floyd live - the technicolour dream - a technological kaleidoscope of lights and lasers pulsating to a sumptuous and seductive sonic artistry.

In 1991, an ambitious and visionary production appeared on the Australian touring circuit with a promise to recapture some of the immense magic of Pink Floyd. Masterminded by UK musician Kevin Hunt, 'Floyd - the Concept' set out to recreate the visual and auditory dimensions of a live Pink Floyd concert experience in a three-hour live extravaganza incorporating state of the art lighting and laser technology, quad sound and special effects. First and foremost though has always been the quality of the music and musicianship - only the highest standards of both are acceptable in emulating the 'Masters'.

Floyd the Concept carved itself a niche in the Australia theatre scene, along the way gathering a growing throng of Floyd devotees, and setting the stage for the creation of Hunt's greatest theatrical challenge and achievement.

In 1995 he presented an all-new homage to Pink Floyd, titled 'Beyond the Darkside'. A massive production based, at that time, upon the hugely successful 'Pulse' and 'Delicate Sound of Thunder' tours, and incorporating a seminal repertoire spanning early classics such as 'Ummagumma' and 'Wish You Were Here' & Dark Side of the Moon' up to the more recent 'Division Bell'.

'Beyond the Darkside' now employs one of the largest privately owned, digital light shows ever to tour Australia. Technically, it incorporates 110 digital, automated light fixtures, animated-backdrops, time-lined video footage, pyrotechnics, a flying pig and a 5-watt, fully computerized, air-cooled laser.

The latest production of 'Beyond the Darkside' is a million-dollar compilation of Pink Floyd's most popular 'concept' albums - 'Wish You Were Here', featuring the song 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond', dedicated to Floyd-founder Syd Barrett and mourning his tragic decline into mental illness - and the stunning 'Dark Side of the Moon', a highlight of Roger Water's incisive observations of schizophrenia, alienation and man's inexorable march toward death - to date one of the highest selling albums ever in the history of rock music. Add to this mix six cult classics from 'The Wall' plus selected highlights from 'Momentary Lapse of Reason', 'Division Bell', 'Piper at the Gates of Dawn', 'Meddle' and 'Animals' - a feast for any Floyd fan!

'Beyond the Darkside' is a great exhibition of meticulous musicianship, accompanied by a staggering array of computer and synthesizers equipment - a true reproduction of the sights and sounds of Pink Floyd.

Lighting Director and co-owner Athol Sargood has invested years in programming the highly specialised, computerised lighting system, capturing both the subtle nuances and theatrical crescendo's of Floyd's music, and translating them into a visual symphony. 'Beyond the Darkside' leads its audience on a pilgrimage through the essence of all that is Floyd - a spectacular 4.5m circular video screen looms over the stage surrounded by moving lights, featuring animation and video footage; the atmospheric mirror-ball effects throughout 'Comfortably Numb', the giant 'flying pig' and special laser effects - all in the true Floyd tradition.

'Beyond the Darkside' has received rave reviews and acclaim everywhere it has played - Melbourne's Crown Casino named it as one of the most spectacular shows ever to play its showroom, and it was only the second show in the room's history to receive a standing ovation. For co-producers Kevin Hunt and Athol Sargood, this latest production of "Beyond the Darkside" is the culmination of many years of hard work and enterprise, a continuing refinement and reworking of ideas in order to present one of the most exciting and awe-inspiring productions ever to tour Australia. 'Beyond the Darkside' is now embarking on its last series of Australian performances, before being launched onto the lucrative overseas markets of the U.K., Europe and the U.S.A.

'Beyond the Darkside' is the embodiment of all that is Pink Floyd - keening guitar solos and soaring keyboards - haunting, exultant, passionate, thought provoking, and coming soon to take you to the Dark Side of the Moon .......... and beyond……. * Suzanne Hunt 1991 - 2004.


Athol Sargood (Beyond the Darkside)

Kevin Hunt (Beyond the Darkside)

Whole Lotta Led

Whole Lotta Led

Whole Lotta Led

Whole Lotta Led are a tribute band in the truest sense of the word: Tribute /'tribju:t/ n. 1 a thing said or done or given as a mark of respect or affection etc. (The Concise Oxford Dictionary). Originally formed as No Quarter in 1993 playing a wide variety of rock standards, original compositions as well as the odd Zeppelin number.

Audience reaction to the Zeppelin material in their set was such that in January 1996 the band decided to play exclusively Led Zeppelin numbers and changed their name to WHOLE LOTTA LED. Originally playing local clubs and pubs, the band soon progressed to the major rock venues touring all over the UK and Europe.

WHOLE LOTTA LED regularly play two and a half hour sets and perform approximately 100 concerts a year to enthusiastic crowds. New generations are getting involved in the Zeppelin experience, audiences at WHOLE LOTTA LED gigs span four generations from six to sixty and for most it is the first opportunity of seeing Zeppelin,s music performed live.

The bands aim is to reproduce the classic Zep songs with the same enthusiasm, excitement and passion that the original band created. WHOLE LOTTA LED are NOT a lookalike tribute, the music was always the most important aspect of Led Zeppelin - not what they looked like. In January 2001 the band turned professional and are now considered by many to be the UK's top Led Zeppelin tribute.

The band have also been very active in raising funds for The ABC Trust, a charity founded by Jimmy Page's wife to help under privileged children in Brazil, the involvement with the charity eventually led to a meeting with Led Zeppelin's legendary guitarist Jimmy Page who has given the band his blessing and wished them all the best.


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Whole Lotta Led

Whole Lotta Led

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