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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

ExYUsingles - Istorijat muzike ex YU
  Barikada - World Of Music - Arhiva 102

  Umro "pravi peti Beatle" - Neil Aspinall

Umro je, u 66. godini zivota, Neil Aspinall. Desilo se to u New Yorku, 24.03.2008. godine, nakon krace bolesti. Aspinall je rukovodio kompanijom "Apple Corps", u vlasnistvu grupe The Beatles i pjevao je u horu za njihovu pjesmu "Yellow Submarine". U muzickim vodama je bio poznat kao "stvarni peti Beatle". Malo je ljudi na svijetu toliko bilo upoznato sa djelovanjem te grupe. Bio je dugogodisnji prijatelj Sir Paul McCartneya. U izjavi izdatoj od strane "Apple Corps", McCartney i Ringo Starr su ga opisali kao velikog covjeka. Aspinall je sa McCartneyom i George Harrisonom pohadjao istu skolu - Liverpool Institute for Boys. Odlucio je ne ici na fakultet pridruzujuci se grupi The Beatles kao njihov road manager i personal assistant, cesto ih vozeci sa nastupa na nastup u rasklimanom plavom kombiju. Iako nije imao muzicko obrazovanje, Aspinall je svirao percussion instrumente na albumu grupe The Beatles, "Magical Mystery Tour". Kada su "Fab Four" postali slavni, on je prihvatio ulogu managera u izdavackoj kuci grupe The Beatles - "Apple Corps" obecavsi da ce tu ostati "dok ne pronadju nekog drugog". Medjutim, Aspinall je na toj radnoj poziciji ostao skoro 40 godina. Njegova uloga je znatno "ojacala" po raspadu te grupe kada je radio na pravnoj zastiti njenih interesa (odrzavajuci uspjesnost branda The Beatles - stiteci njihova prava na foto i video materiale i tako dalje). Kao celnik kompanije "Apple Corps" zasluzan je i za izdavanje tri uspjesna antologijska izdanja grupe The Beatles.

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Mark Lucas and the Dead Setters (AUS) - Portrait

Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters are country / folk / blues band from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Four distinctive albums into a solo career and former Parwills main man, Mark Lucas idiosyncratic but accessible urban roots / country has gained a strong fan-base, particularly with other musicians. The songs on new album, "Sideshow Alley" (see photo), continue to develop the thread of themes that have tied together the previous albums and have inspired critics and fans alike. Mark's band, the Dead Setters, provides a distinctive musical backdrop described by Kim Cheshire in Country Update Magazine as "...a near perfect musical setting for these distinctly Australian tales of restless souls, ghosts of the past, desert vistas and suburban angst." Between them one of the most experienced bands you are likely to encounter, the five piece Dead Setters stake out their territory with textured layers of fiddle, mandolin and pedal steel, backed with strong three part harmonies. With shades of Celtic, Americana folk / pop / rock'n'roll soaking through the fabric, this is living Australian roots music. ...and if you like your roots music to have that edgy, lived-in quality that keeps a foot in both the traditional and the contemporary, Mark Lucas & the Dead Setters, armed with a broad musical palette and an insurgent but humorous demeanour, should be right up your alley... Band features: Mark Lucas - songwriting, vocals, guitars, cooking & bottle washing; Chris Mearns - bass, vocals, light aircraft & positive thinking; John Lee - fiddle, mountaineering & genetic engineering; Steve Gunning - drums, vocals & haberdashery; Damien ODell - pedal steel guitar, guitar, mountaineering & Chrysler Chargers. Web links: www.myspace.com/marklucasandthedeadsetters or marklucas.com.au . (Headliner ...JG 196).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Psycho-Path (SLO) - Portrait

Psycho-Path, rock / indie / other, Prekmurje, Slovenia. Sexy, heavy, sonic! With their unique brand of alternative rock, fronted by a charismatic singer, two powerful guitars and a tight rhythm section, Psycho-Path is a formidable force live on stage. No pretention - eclectic, honest, sweaty, sexy and very guitar-laden. Together since 1993, Psycho-Path have gained a lot of respect on the scene. Even from such prolific artists as Scott McCloud, Dälek, Josh Homme and many more. Touring all over Europe and with 4 full length albums (with the 5th released in March 2008), this is a band with experience. In July 2007, the band entered the studio with producer Bobby MacIntyre (ex - member of The Twilight Singers, also worked with Bad Brains, Jimmy Girl, Lucinda Williams, Mark Lanegan...) to record their fifth full-length album. Late night sessions, drinking too much whiskey, half-awake percussion recordings, tambourine overdose, metronomes gone amok... The final result? "The Ass-Soul of Psycho-Path". The first album recorded with the new line up and the most varied, eclectic, yet accessible Psycho-Path album to date. Also featuring a special guest on the back vocals, on the epic 'Bekkognition' - Scott Bennett (Brian Wilson's band, also worked with Flaming Lips, Filter, The Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, The Twilight Singers...). The band met up with the independent multi-genre label Moonlee Records in 2007 and decided to join forces and release their new album with them in 2008. Since both parties work with a DIY aesthetic, yet still think a few steps ahead, this is a logical union of some of the most active and hardworking individuals in the scene. "The Ass-Soul of Psycho-Path" is released in March 2008 on Moonlee Records, with a promotional tour all over Europe to follow. Check 'em out live. Web link:www.myspace.com/psychopathmusic . (...JG 196).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Red Run (Brasil) - Portrait

Red Run is alternative / rock band from Brazil. Everything began in 2005, when Thiago Montana and Andersson Bandini decided to create an alternative rock band, called Redrum in the beginning, and then Red Run. To compose this gang, Davy Rider, ex-drummer of a 99's punk rock band called Havana, joined the team. Many bassists came and had to go until Tony Vegas, very close friend of them and who had played in another band with Bandini, came to complete this plot. ... Red Run mixes influences from punk rock, alternative rock, new wave, but always trying to consolidate its own sound with a little of taste from everything in the musical scene. The band objective doesn't refer exclusively to music, but, in fact, to the whole life context, underground films, and the dirty and decadent underworld which our minds can absorb. Red Run takes the intent and the essence of the soul from who taught us that Art must be made with passion. Red Run features: Andersson Bandini (guitar) Davy (drums) Thiago Montana (guitar, vocals) Deivy Hell (bass). Web adresa grupe - www.myspace.com/redrun . (...JG 196).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Trigger (SRB) - Portret

Sastav Trigger svoje postojanje je zapoceo zeljom nekoliko prijatelja rade na stilski i kvalitativno drugacijem materijalu u poredjenju sa onim sto je uobicajeno na ovim prostorima. Oko ovog jezgra se okupio ostatak benda i nakon nekoliko godina rada na albumu, prvenac, "Ljubav", ugledao je svetlost dana u izdanju beogradskog PGP RTS-a. U pitanju je konceptualan album o tamnijoj, negativnoj strani ljubavi kao necega sto sustinski obelezava zivot svakog coveka. Muzika sa albuma spaja mnogo razlicitih muzickih zanrova bez ikakvog ogranicavanja, ali tako da pesme i dalje ocuvaju jasnu teksualnu i muzicku formu. Vizuelno resenje albuma, koje je dizajnirao Vladimir Petrovic, sledi isti koncept - simbolima predstavljajuci psiholosku pozadinu koja stoji iza stihova pesama. Posebna paznja je posvecena muzickoj produkciji albuma. Producent je bio Goran Simprag. Prvi video singl sa albuma je spot za pesmu "Jedan dan" koji je poceo sa emitovanjem pocetkom jeseni 2007. i imao je zapazen uspeh i usao u izbor za godisnji Top 10 TV Metropolis i "Best of 2007" listu na TV MTS. Grupa je dobila i priznanje "Otkrice godine" u okviru godisnje dodele nagrada TV Metropolis za 2007. godinu. U toku 2007., pocevsi sa gostovanjem na Beerfestu, Trigger je zapoceo i koncertnu promociju albuma. Bend upravo radi na sledecem video spotu i priprema beogradsku promociju albuma. Web adresa grupe - www.myspace.com/bandtrigger . (...JG 196).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Ella Blue (USA) - Portrait

Ella Blue was born in Japan, but grew up in Southern California. Ella's love for music started at a young age when she could be heard belting out Kenny Roger's "Lucille". Bound to be a clarinet player, a trip to visit family in Alaska quickly showed her the light and changed her path forever. Listening to her Grandfather's Band, Young At Heart, she learned a quick appreciation and love for Jazz, Blues and the trumpet. Favorite artist ranging from Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Miller and Louis Armstrong to Natalie Maines, Patsy Cline & Faith Hill, she has strong and obvious influences in two genres of music - The Blues and Country. Ella's training in music started on that family trip when her Grandfather handed her a trumpet, she went on to join her elementary school band and even composed her first song featuring trumpet, of course, in 4th grade. She continued playing trumpet through high school when she changed her groove and slipped into a deeper sound with a Euphonium. Beginning her life as a vocalist didn't begin until her senior year of high school when she joined an all female dancing choir, often featured as a soloist. Her talents in music on many different levels (writing, arranging, and performing) excelled quickly and won her many awards and scholarship offers. The one accepted was with the renowned School of Music at the University of Redlands. All the hard time she endured you can hear reflected in the velvety, low and soulful tones of her voice. Taking in all influences and training, she had definitely developed a unique sound of her own. Web link: www.myspace.com/ellablue2 . (...JG 196).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Sziget Festival 2008 (H) - Press release

The most influential punk band of all time was formed in 1975. This year the Sex Pistols - with original members: Johnny Rotten, Glen Matlock, Steve Jones and Paul Cook - will perform the first time in Hungary, on Sziget festival. In the past days the fact that Iron Maiden boss-bassist Steve Harris' daughter, Lauren Harris will co-headline his father's show on the Mainstage has also been confirmed. At the same time organizers received positive answer from respected singstresses of contemporary popscene, Róisín Murphy to perform on Mainstage in the afternoon period, moreover the most successful band of the recent British indie vintage, Kaiser Chiefs will play on one of the evening on the same stage. Tickets for Sziget festival 2008 are available for discount price till May 15th, 2008. Up to this date camping ticket are 120 Euros, non-camping tickets are 100 Euros, and from May 16th, 2008 the "normal" price will be 150 Euros for a camping ticket and 120 Euros for a non camping ticket. Non-camping tickets are valid for the five festival days (August 13-18, 2008), while those who are to purchase a camping ticket will make sure to have a place on the zero-day Iron Maiden show (August 12th, 2008) and on the "warm up day" (August 11th, 2008). Day tickets are already available - also for zero day's Iron Maiden show - for 32 Euros. Web link: www.sziget.hu .

 Autor: Salamon Gergo, Budapest, Hungary.
  Sparks (USA) - Activities

When faced with the challenge of what to do next, pop innovators and musical legends, Ron and Russell Mael aka Sparks, have, in the past, not just risen to the challenge but surpassed any expectations. So when asked what plans they had for their 21st album (yes you read it right…"21st" album) their answer was typically audacious: "How do we best unveil our new album, Sparks as yet untitled 21st? How about playing in concert every single song off of every album that preceded it, all 20 albums on 20 consecutive nights, culminating in the premiere of our latest? That's approximately 250 songs, or for you musicians, 4 million, 825 thousand, 273 notes. Come celebrate each and every one of those notes with us!" Sparks, Los Angeles. "We are thrilled to announce that Sparks will be performing in Finland for the first time since 1975. The band will play at Tavastia-Klubi, Helsinki, on 16th June 2008, please see www.tiketti.fi for further information", said Lucy Wigginton from UK's Republic Media Promotion. Web link for more information about Sparks: www.myspace.com/allsparks .

 Autor: Lucy Wigginton, London, UK.
  Slusaj najglasnije - Novosti u katalogu 2008 (2)

Kao po obicaju, Zdenko Franjic je u svijet plasirao nekoliko novih albuma. Zasluzio je taj nepokorivi istrazivac puno toga. Nedavno (1. III 2008.) dao je interview za subotnji Vecernji list i dobio je cijelu stranicu. Tom prilikom je rekao: "Ja otkrijem band, a onda netko drugi zaradjuje na njemu. Meni to uopce nije vazno. Nasa scena postoji. Dakako, najprije je potrebna kvantiteta da bi iz toga izasla neka kvaliteta. Ako nisi neki veliki band, koncerti su nikakva zarada. Zapravo, ti placas da bi svirao. Glazbenici uvijek najgore prodju u cijeloj prici." A i Zdenko. A jedan uvazeni hrvatski rock-kriticar je za nastup Goribora u Zagrebu izjavio da su cudo jednog dobrog medijskog trika. Ja mu ne vjerujem, jer znam jako dobro sto su Goribor prosli da bi bili to sto jesu. Postanes popularan i onda ti netko tko nema pojma o tvom zivotu oskrnavi tvoju Tantalovu muku pred stotinama tisuca citatelja. I mojoj neukoj rock and roll majci. Hej?! Nije fer... Ovdje je rijec o sest, mahom sjajnih albuma (i jednom EP-iju) koji su objavljeni u proteklih mjesec dana. Znaci, brand new.

 Autor: Vladimir Horvat Horvi, Zagreb, Hrvatska.
  Leon Hendrix Mysterience (USA) - Portrait

Leon Hendrix Mysterience is rock / blues / psychedelic band from Electric Ladyland, aka Seattle, Washington, United States of America. Leon is brother of Jimi Hendrix. "Jimi is always with me, he is never far away. I only have to get in my car and hear him sing to me if the radio is on, he comes through and he is with me. Me and my band, our music is of the Spirit of God and in memory of my brother, James Marshall Hendrix, and our family history. Thank You Jimi for being a Father Figure, a Big Brother and an inspiration to me first and then rest of the world. I've had a great life no matter what's happened, nobody has seen what I've seen! I watched Jimi play the broom and tie string to the bed posts and pluck it for fun when we were little. I've seen it all it seems, yet tomorrow still holds so much, Thank You Jesus!" Leon Hendrix Mysteriene are currently touring and promoting their recent release: "Keepr Of The Flame" (see photo). Leon Hendrix Mysterience are - Leon Hendrix - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, lead guitar; Stefen Isaac aka Jypsyeye - rhythm guitar, lead guitar, backup vocals, webmaster; Mark Stella - bass guitar, backup vocals; Neil Kirkland - drums, keyboards, backup vocals. Web links: www.leonhendrix.com or www.myspace.com/leonhendrixband . (Headliner ...JG 195).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Amir Kazic Leo - Leo u Tvornici (27.03.2008.)

Popularni Amir Kazic Leo ce 27. ozujka 2008. godine odrzati spektakularni promotivni koncert, "Leo u Tvornici". Tom prigodom ce pred brojnim fanovima promovirati svoj aktualni hit album, "Krevet od ruza". Koncert ce se odrzati u zagrebackoj "Tvornici kulture" s pocetkom u 20.30 sati. Ovo je, naime, prvi veliki solisticki koncert karizmaticnog Lea u Zagrebu, kojeg novinari zbog iznimnog glasa cesto usporedjuju sa Zdravkom Colicem. Svi koji 27. ozujka 2008. odluce doci u Tvornicu moci ce uzivati u vrhunskim vokalnim izvedbama jednog od trenutno najzapazenijih pjevaca u Hrvatskoj, ali i u cijeloj regiji, te u Leovim najvecim hitovima s njegovog aktualnog studijskog albuma "Krevet od ruza", izaslog u izdanju Hit Recordsa. Uz najavni single, "Krevet od ruza", na ovom se hit albumu nalaze i Leove uspjesnice "Nasa ljubav od svega je jaca", "Sto su me lagale usne tvoje", "Hej, ljubavi stara" i "Ne gledaj me tako", ali i obrada pjesme "Predaj se srce", kultnih Indexa i jos mnoga druga iznenadjenja. Leo je svojim osebujnim glasom vec odavno osvojio srca publike i kritike na brojnim glazbenim festivalima i manifestacijama sirom Hrvatske, a sada upravo Zagrepcankama i Zagrepcanima daruje svoj veliki koncert 27. ozujka 2008.!

 Autor: Kristina Krajna, Zagreb, Hrvatska.
  Arsen Dedic (HR) - Rebus (novi album)

Nakon dva uspjesna projekta objavljena pod okriljem izdavacke kuce Croatia Records u posljednjih sest mjeseci - kajkavski spomenar Arsena Dedica pod nazivom "Moje popevke" s najljepsim pjesmama Krapinskog festivala koje su proizasle iz pera cijenjenog kantautora, te CD sa glazbom iz filma Nikole Stojanovica "Belle Epoque ili posljednji valcer u Sarajevu" - Arsen Dedic svojoj vjernoj publici predstavlja novi glazbeni uradak na kojem donosi 15 novih pjesama. Ovaj glazbeni projekt autorski gotovo u cijelosti potpisuje sam Arsen, osim jedne pjesme za koju stihove potpisuje Zvonimir Golob. Aranzerski i producentski posao povjeren je autorima poput Nikse Bratosa, Muca Softica, Stipice Kalogjere, Ante Gele, Talijana Valtera Svilottia, Sase Lukica, te Arsenovog sina Matije Dedica. Prvi singls sa novog albuma je pjesma "Petra", koju autorski potpisuju Arsen Dedic i Niksa Bratos. Uz "Petru", album donosi pjesme koje je Arsen predstavio na koncertu za Valentinovo u Tvornici kulture u Zagrebu kada su Gabi i Arsen pjevali za zaljubljene - "Dobro je sto ides", "Ima, a ne zna", "Ti si moja, ipak", "Dan kada se pisu razglednice". Kao gosti na albumu pojavljuju se Petar Graso u pjesmi "Ima, a ne zna", te Edin Karamazov na lutnji u skladbi "Posljednja zelja". Posljednji studijski album, "Na zlu putu", Arsen Dedic je objavio 2004. godine i taj je album 2005. godine osvojio tri Porina - za album godine, za najbolji album pop i zabavne glazbe, te za najbolji aranzman.

 Autor: Marina Skoro, Zagreb, Hrvatska.
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