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Dragutin Matosevic feat. Esad Prcic - Tulipani

ExYUsingles - Istorijat muzike ex YU
  Barikada - World Of Music - Arhiva 58

  Kne-O'Chaw Hampton, USA - Presentation

As a 15 year old, Willingboro, New Jersey native, Kne-O'Chaw Hampton (nee-o-sha) has been developing her gifts and talents in the jazz arena. Her story begins in the early 1990's when the Libra, like many others, was birthed into a challenged family dynamic. Prayerfully her paternal grandparents Lenny and Roslyn White stepped in to assist. "We wanted her to have a better quality of life", recalls her part time bass player / drummer, producer and grandfather, Lenny, a musician playing for 40 years. The White's joyfully and officially began raising Kne-O'Chaw at the age of 4. Kne-O'Chaw is influenced by the music around her home. Whether it was Miles Davis, Theloneous Monk, Nina Simone, The Temptations or gospel, the young pianist absorbs all the sounds around her. Kne-O'Chaw's grandparents purchased her first keyboard at the urging of Lenny's mother when she was 8. Kne-O'Chaw began to bloom past her instructors and she began to write songs at an advanced and accelerated level. While her grandfather learned by ear, Kne-O'Chaw's gift began to shine bright as she broke down, dissected and improvised dramatic jazz chords and scales to interpret musical theory. Simultaneously, Kne-O'Chaw is looking toward the future with her music and with Kne-O'Chaw Sound Productions, her independent label, and she is currently promoting her fifth album - "After Dark". More info available here: www.myspace.com/kneochawhampton . (...JG 149).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
 The Ramones - Biografija

The Ramones su nastali u Queensu, New York, 1974. godine. Neprekidno su nastupali 22 godine, sve do raspustanja benda - nakon turneje Lollapalooza 1996. Tri osnivaca - Joey, Johnny i Dee Dee Ramone - umrli su u roku godinu dana. Uvijek su smatrani uticajnima, ali slava koju bend sad uziva je neuporedivo veca nego u doba kada su aktivno nastupali. U 2004. su uvedeni u Long Island Music Hall of Fame. Kako nazvati Ramonese? Punk bendom!? Crtic punkerima ili ... Ipak, The Ramones nisu cetvorica mentalno retardiranih sinova gospode Dolly Ramone. The Ramones su prva grupa punk rocka. Stvorili su zvuk koji vuce korijene iz rock ‘n’rolla i popa ranih šezdesetih, a pri tome zvuci revolucionarno. Buduci da je njihova pojava osim muzickog imala i ideološki znacaj, postali su predvodnici bujajuce njujorške punk rock scene. Ramones su naglavacke preokrenuli uobicajene rock konvencije slaveci kic pop kulturu i stiliziranu jednostavnost. Prva cetiri albuma benda The Ramones kameni su temeljci punka i hardcorea za naredna dva desetljeca u kojima su i oni sami bili kljucne figure, prakticno se ne mijenjajuci kroz sve to vrijeme.

 Autor: Samir Mujakic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Rio Grand, USA - Presentation

Rio Grand (country / southern rock / rock band) is four talented musicians (from Odessa, Texas, United States of America) who blend their rough earthy sound with the flavors of southern rock favorites the likes of the Allman Brothers Band and Marshall Tucker. It's new and familiar at the same time. Rio Grand is: - Danny Rivera - Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, & Lap Steel; Lnace Leslie - Backing & Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, & Harmonica; Tommy Rennick - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals; Fred Stallcup - Lead & Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals. More info available here: www.myspace.com/riograndband . (...JG 149).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Mark Kerr, USA - Presentation

Tennessee native (now relocated to Louisiana), Mark Kerr never found success beyond his grasp. From the age of twelve his course was clear, and from his earliest days in music he has built bridges that have connected him, not to his peers alone, but to the world at large. Mark picked up the guitar at the age of twelve and before long, he was receiving recognition for his musical abilities. Whereas many kids at twelve years of age may be content to watch television or to hang out with others of their own age, Mark had one singularly focused ambition. He wanted to become a musician. And so devoted was he to this pursuit, he would often fall to sleep at night with his guitar "strapped on". Later he became involved in a rock and roll band and started seeing the world. "I really had no interest to keep going to school, I had had enough of that for a while. I was so hungry inside to graduate and get into a road band and start seeing the world and making a living doing it that school was the last thing on my mind. I was ready to start chasing the dream." Mark was nominated for Musician of the Year by the Academy of Texas Music in 2006, for his guitar work on "One Drink Away From The Blues". Mark Kerr was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on March 13th 2007. As the Ambassador to the Blues for the state of Louisiana. More info available here: www.markkerrltd.com .

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  London Sofa, France - Presentation

London Sofa is rock / pop / indie band from Metz, Lorraine, France. London Sofa is young band with a rich experience: its five members were part of the foremost pop-rock bands of the Lorraine (North-East of France) region (more than 500 concerts, gigs with Divine Comedy, Doves, Big Soul, Wedding Present, Nada Surf, etc.). At the beginning of 2006, they decided to meet and to share their musical ideas. Quickly, the group creates new original stuff, drawing their inspiration from rock and typical brit pop. Guillaume, Christophe, Mickey, Matthieu and Phil add their experiences to embellish their melodies: three guitars, two or three vocals, samples. Take a listen to four of their six new songs taken from their forthcoming EP "Everybody Wants To have A Good Life", posted on their myspace.com presentation. More info about London Sofa are available here: www.myspace.com/sofapopmusic / londonsofa@free.fr" . (...JG 149).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
 Volt Festival, Sopron Hungary - Press Release (2)

Less than 100 days before the start of the 15th VOLT festival the organizer announced another list of international stars. According to this list - beside the already known names like Korn, the Prodigy, Laibach etc. - The Roots, Coldcut, Anthony Rother and the star of Massive Attack, Daddy G will also perform on the festival at Sopron, held on July 4-5-6-7. The list of confirmed shows is published on the brand new website of VOLT festival, www.volt.hu. From the Jazz festival of Montreaux to the American Lollapalooza or at any point of the world, The Roots is considered to be one of the biggest names. The band with its six members is a perfect example, that hip hop and live acts, experimental and pop sound, tight rhythm and cream like soul, the sound of our fathers and the new era can all walk hand in hand. The Roots will perform on the first, opening day of VOLT festival.

 Autor: Grego Salamon, Budapest, Hungary.
  Dave Rock, Sweden - Presentation

Dave Rock grew up in small town in Warmland, Sweden. At the age of six he heard the song "I wanna be somebody" by the band W.A.S.P. Since then he has been a true hard rock and heavy metal fan. Dave says: "I remember when I was a little boy, I used to stand before the mirror, do rock poses and sing along with bands like Europe, Kiss and Thin Lizzy among others. I had a dream; one day I would be there on the stage in front of thousands screaming fans"... At the age of fourteen he bought his first electric guitar from an older friend for US $ 30. "It was a very bad guitar and it went out of tune all the time but it was a start. I practiced every day for hours and I started to write my own songs. A couple of months later I joined my first band, Remorse. We played a mix between punk and thrash metal. I felt like a rockstar and I thought we would be famous, but the truth was that we were not good at all... " Dave Rock was the singer, guitarist and frontman of the Swedish band Beda. Since the band broke up in 2003, Dave decided to go solo. He is now avalaible with his debut CD "Life In Freedom". More info available here: www.myspace.com/blackandblueclermont . (...JG 148).

 Autor: Branimir Bane Lokner, Zemun, Srbija.
  Novosti sa hrvatske muzicke scene - Najave

Foto: Darko BudnaDugogodisnji dopisnik Barikade, Darko Budna, najavljuje nekoliko velikih muzickih dogadjaja koji ce se desiti u Hrvatskoj. 16.04.2007. godine - KSET - Zagreb - Hrvatska - Predizbor demo grupa za Rock Otocec 2007 koji ce se odrzati od 05. do 08.07.2007. godine. 25.04. 2007. godine - Boogaloo klub - Zagreb - Hrvatska - je domacin jednom od najboljih heavy metal bendova svijeta - Saxon. Support - Masterplan i Hard Time. 22.06.2007. godine - Drava Rock Fest - Gradski stadion Koprivnica - Hrvatska - Najavljuje se prvi veliki rock dogadjaj koji bi se odrzao u Koprivnici. Koprivnica ce ugostiti ZZ Top, The Cult i Majke (za najavljenu grupu Vatra iz Virovitice, Darko kaze - "...nije mi drago jer to nije band koji bi spadao medju prave rockere, a ako u ovu kombinaciju upadne grupa Overflow - to ce vec biti OK!").

 Autor: Darko Budna, Koprivnica, Hrvatska.
  Boa - Dnevnik putovanja, skice ostanka

Danas Boa pravi odlicne pop-rock / elektronski oblikovane kompozicije koje se paralelno mogu komparirati u najvecim svjetskim razmjerima. I dalje imaju "snaznu" glazbenu potku i veoma uvjerljive tekstove. Nikad pretenciozni, nakon 10 godina pauze objavljuju sjajan povratnicki album koji se pojavio u zimu prosle (2006.) godine. Povod ove (zakasnjele) recenzije je njihov odlican i uvjerljivo profesionalan nastup na ovogodisnjoj muzickoj manifestaciji "Zlatna koogla", te interview kojeg nam je tom prilikom dao Mladen Puljiz, nekad klavijaturist, a danas samo vokal i frontman sastava Boa. (uskoro ce taj interview biti publikovan na nasoj web stranici). Deset kompozicija sa albuma "Dnevnik putovanja, skice ostanka" su kao deset dugih godina cekanja... Mladen mi je u interviewu izjavio: "Ovo je album kojeg ce ljudi s vremenom otkrivati". Slazem se potpuno. Ovo je neka nova verzija Haustorovog "Treceg svijeta". S ovim albumom ce svatko tko ga preslusa misliti da je nesto propustio, ovo je album na kojeg se neprestano treba vracati i tumaciti sofistikaciju. Boa je hrvatski glazbeni label No. 1! Ocijena: 10! (...JG 134).

 Autor: Vladimir Horvat Horvi, Zagreb, Hrvatska.
  Black And Blue, France - Presentation

Black and Blue is a blues band from Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, France, formed in July 2002. Its repertoire focuses mainly on Blues classics from the 60s and 70s (Albert King, Freddy King, Otis Rush, Howlin Wolf...) performed in their own personal way, and influenced by the sounds of funk, rock 'n' roll and rhythm and blues. They recorded their first album, with a keyboard player and a horn section in December 2003. Having had very favourable reviews in specialist magazines, this album has progressively opened the doors of well known Blues clubs to the band, and meant they have been invited to open for Byther Smith, open the Chicago Blues Festival and open for Jean-Jacques Milteau. Having played more than 80 concerts including famous places like Coopérative de mai, Utopia, One Way Café, James Café.. The band has just released its latest album called "at home..." and is looking forward to letting it be heard in Blues clubs and festivals. On stage the group has masses of energy, give themselves a really good time playing together, and the audience can't help but catch their enthusiasm. Who are Black and Blue? Renaud Villet, is lead singer and guitarist, Stéphane Mikaélian on drums (drummer for Bone Bop, and has also played with Too Bad, Patrick Verbeke, Jean-Louis Murat...) and Pascal Fauny on bass. More info available here: www.myspace.com/blackandblueclermont . (...JG 148).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  5. Urban Music Fest Rastok 2007 - Najava

Na ovogodisnjem, petom po redu Rastok festivalu, koji ce se odrzati u Jelahu (BiH), 03. i 04. augusta (kolovoza) 2007. godine, nastupit ce 12 neafirmisanih bendova. Bendovi ce biti odabrani na osnovu raspisanog konkursa. Konkurs za prijavu bendova koji zele nastupiti na 5. Urban Music Fest Rastok 2007 bice otvoren od 15. aprila (travnja) 2007. godine do 30. juna (lipnja) 2007. godine. Aplikacija za prijavu bendova uskoro ce se nalaci na sluzbenoj web stranici festivala - www.rastok.com . Rezultati izbora zirija festivala biti ce objavljeni na istoj web stranici do 5. jula (srpnja) 2007. godine. Vise informacija o prijavi za festival moze se dobiti na e-mail adresi: bendovi@rastok.com .

 Autor: Ana Jozic, Jelah, BiH.
  66, UK - Presentation

The band 66 is from Great Britain and appreciates the fact that there is a long tradition of quality British music and recognises that they have to walk to that beat. With quality music and great songs, there are no pretensions with 66. The lads dress like they're going down the pub on a Friday night and they play like legends. There's no need for eyeliner or pinstripe blazers - just the music doing the talking. 66 is: James Cornthwaite (Vocals, Guitar); James Bradshaw (Bass, Vocals); Mark Ryder (Guitar, Vocals); Paul Wilson (Guitar) and David Crose (Drums). 66 follow the true rock n roll masterplan. Rock n roll guitars, rock n roll vocals, and bang up drums and bass. They are currently promoting their debut - "Get It While You can" (see photo). More information related to this rock band are available here: 66live.co.uk or www.myspace.com/66rockandrollband . (...JG 148).

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
  Natjecaj za 11. Art & Music Festival 2007.

Natjecaj za 11. Art & Music Festival 2007. otvoren je za solo izvodjace i sastave iz cijelog svijeta, bez obzira na stil glazbe koju izvode, a koji nemaju objavljeni nosac zvuka za sluzbeno registriranu diskografsku kucu. Svaki izvodjac ili sastav na natjecaj mora poslati najmanje 3 snimljene pjesme i to iskljucivo na CD-u, te popratni PRESS materijal koji mora sadrzavati: a) Kontakt osobu (ime i prezime, ulica i kucni broj, grad, drzava, telefon, mobitel, e-mail), b) Imena clanova grupe, c) Kratku biografiju, d) Fotografiju grupe (izvodjaca) i e) Web adresu (ukoliko je posjeduju). Sav poslani materijal ne vraca se posiljateljima! Prijave za Festival salju se na adresu: Art & Music Festival P.P. 201, 52100 Pula, Hrvatska. Natjecaj je otvoren od trenutka objavljivanja do 20. svibnja 2007. godine nakon cega ce peteroclani ziri Festivala na osnovu preslusanih snimaka odabrati 8 polufinalista koji ce ovog ljeta nastupati u Puli. Ziri Festivala, nakon nastupa svih osam izvodjaca uzivo, odabrat ce dva finalista 11. Art & Music Festivala 2007., dok ce jednog finalistu izabrati publika, te ce sva tri izvodjaca ponovo nastupiti u finalu kada ce biti i proglasen pobjednik Festivala koji za nagradu dobiva mogucnost potpisivanja ugovora za prvi album u izdanju Dallas / Ciklama Records, kao i mogucnost snimanja albuma u Studiju PARTYZAN u Puli (60 sati koristenja studija). Sve ostale informacije o 11. Art & Music Festivalu 2007. mogu se saznati na sluzbenim web stranicama www.artandmusicfest.org ili na br. telefona ++385 91 214 33 44 .

 Autor: Branimir Slijepcevic, Pula, Hrvatska.
  The Rolling Stones - Nikada blizi

THE ROLLING STONES - BUDVA - 09. jul 2007. godine - Plaza Jaz - Broj karata - 75.000 - Karta za stajanje - 50 eura - Karta bliza bini - 100 eura - Karta V.I.P. gold - 500 eura .
THE ROLLING STONES - BEOGRAD - 14. jul 2007. godine - Hipodrom - Broj karata - 82.000 - Karta za stajanje - 2.850 din - Karta bliza bini - 4.350 din - Karta V.I.P. gold - 25.350 din .
Let's spent the night together sa zivim legendama.
Vise informacija ima na: www.musicstar.co.yu .

 Autor: Dragutin Matosevic, Tuzla, BiH.
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